Mercenary Paul Adom Ochere Must Spare Us The Hypocrisy


What qualified for a plot to get the governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG), Dr. Ernest Addisson removed from office, was hatched last Saturday on news analysis programme, newsfile on Joy FM, by no other than Paul Adom-Otchere.

Described as a seasoned journalist in Ghana, having worked in both radio and television, over the last 20 years, he has grown teeth and mustered the art of mercenary journalism.

I am not by this article exonerating the governor of any missteps on the part of BoG. I am as appalled as many Ghanaians, who are of the view that, the BoG, has been sleeping for far too long.

The reactionary method adopted by the Central bank is not good enough and does not bring about confidence in the financial sector, which is struggling already, because of the Ghanaian attitude towards banking or if you may savings.

What I find rather debilitating is listening to Paul Adom Otchere, who was so hard on the governor, and will not cut him any slack, yet he is on the board of the National Communication Authourity, which has entered into a deal that is worse than any we have seen in this country.

Paul was invariably calling for the head of the governor; he was standing on the ultimate responsibility leg, granted that he was justified in his demand, what is he still doing serving on the board of NCA?

In this country, we do not give people the benefit of the doubt, we run to town with all manner of allegations and invectives because it is not about us.

There is a saying that, first remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.

You cannot be shouting and claiming holier than thou, when what you are presiding over is far worse than what had happened at BoG, concerning the merger of five banks into Consolidated Bank.

According to Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI Africa, the Ameri Novation agreement is not as egregious as to the process leading to the signing of the Kelni GVG$178million stinker.

In a write up he itemised the dates the Ministry of Communication went to the Central Tender Review Committee with a request for approval.

Going through the dates beginning on December 22, 2017, it is clear that, the deal was done to cleverly flee this country.

Paul, who is a member of the Board of the National Communications Authourity, is yet to make a comment about the whole deal, which is nothing short of create, loot and share.

He does not have the moral right to go on radio to condemn, chastise, another appointee of the president for failing in his sworn duty.

When your house is on fire, you don’t rush to help a neighbor, whose house is also on fire to quench it, but you first quench yours.

The same zeal, energy and conviction that has informed his unrepentant attacks on the governor, must also be directed at the Minister of Communication, Ursula Owusu Ekufful, who has entered the country into a bad deal.

Paul spoke about ultimate responsibility; he is also caught by the same web. There is no way Board members of NCA, can exonerate themselves from this stinking deal.

As someone who once upon a time spoke against Subah Infosolutions, it is disappointing that, when he had the opportunity to do something different, a bad case, had been made worse. In opposition both Paul and Ursula, criticized the previous administration for awarding contract to Suah to monitor and verify the volume of calls generated by telecom companies, a job they said, could be done by the Ghana Revenue Authourity (GRA). What has changed?

The KelniGVG, like the negligence on the part of the BoG to sit and watch whiles directors, related and connected parties of those in charge of the banks to fleece the state, there is no difference in the two.

Both cannot pass any scrutiny and so for Paul to single out the governor for bashing, was not healthy and smacks of double standard.

Let it be made clear as I stated earlier that, this is not to exonerate the governor, instead, it is to expose the one shouting the holier than thou hymn, when he is superintending under one of the most corrupt deals in the fourth republic.

Paul’s tirades on Newsfile looked like a mercenary job, it smelled lik, sounded like it and I cannot by conclude that it was a mercenary job.

Ursula Owusu

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