Menzgold Boss Tackles Joy FM’s Israel Laryea


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Gold dealership company, Menzgold, Nana Appiah Mensah, has berated radio and TV personality, Israel Laryea, for what he described as a smear campaign against his business.

A post put up by the embattled businessman, described a report by Mr Laryea who visited the UK office of Menzgold to ascertain the truth or otherwise of a claim that the company had indeed set up an office for its activities in the United Kingdom as a “pursuit of this evil smear campaign agenda.”

Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly referred to as NAM 1 charged, “business is not a thing for the pope,” in a clear response to Mr Laryea, whose report sought to suggest there may not necessarily be a UK branch of the now distressed Menzgold, as had been touted earlier in the year.

Israel Laryea said in his report that, the only thing that suggested there may be an office space rented out to the Ghanaian company in the plush Berekely Square House building was perhaps, the sight of two black ladies, whom he presumed to be Ghanaians during his visit.

But NAM1, who was enraged by the report a section of Ghanaians have already described as ‘shoddy’ as can be seen in several comments on the post on the JoyNewsfacebook page, has gone all out to attack the sanity of the rather popular radio and television presenter. He has further challenged the broadcaster to “set up a provision store today in a kiosk and employ just one Ghanaian.”

Nana Appiah Mensah, posted on Instagram saying, “Hello Israel Laryea, today I celebrate your stupidity and retarded mindedness. set up a provision store today in a kiosk and employ just one Ghanaian. That is more than the pursuit of this evil smear campaign agenda. Maybe you need to be reminded, I am a businessman and not a politician. You can’t break me! Business is not a thing for the pope. Think about it. God bless you.”

Menzgold, has been in the news in recent time. The company has been in a fight with the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and more recently, the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) over the legitimacy of their business operation in the country.

JoyNews Editor, Israel Laryea, on a recent trip to the United Kingdom (UK) took advantage of his visit to report on the operations of Menzgold in the country, as it has become the subject for discussion on all media platforms.

According to the report, Menzgold UK, does not operate the same business model it does in Ghana which landed them into trouble with various state institutions, including the SEC.

The report added that, Menzgold, rents a small space in the massive Berkeley Square House block in Mayfair, which houses about a thousand or more businesses, mostly seeking short term leases.

In a Video shared on Facebook, the JoyNews editor, reported that only two Ghanaian ladies, were in the office at the time of his visit with no Menzgold signage nor any activities as it is in Ghana.

While, some social media commentators applauded JoyNews for the step taken in providing an in-depth report on the ongoing Menzgold saga, a greater number of social media users, have expressed disappointment at the extent JoyNews, has taken its Menzgold reportage.

Some are of the view that, JoyNews, seeks the downfall of the embattled businessman, Nana Appiah Mensah.

Many others described it as “a poor work done”.

London Mayfair, is noted for its virtual addresses. One can easily obtain a Mayfair address, get a receptionist, and run a business from the UK without even stepping foot in the country.

Menzgold changing address from Croydon to Mayfair might have prompted JoyNews to look into the activities of the gold dealer in the UK.

Several comments sighted on Facebook, indicate that Menzgold, might have opened an office in the UK just to boost the confidence of investors in Ghana.

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