Men’s Formula (The New Innovative Advanced Prostate & Sexual Health Formula combined) and General Wellbeing (Part 1)


Dr raphael

Dr. NyarkoteyObu presenting his scientific findings on Men’s Formula at University of Ilorin, Nigeria during the science of Global Prostate cancer Disparities Conference organized by the University of Florida, USA.

Success is not always a consequence of the support and encouragement we get from others. Indeed, most of the times, other people’s discouragement, opposing forces and calculated sabotage can be a fuel for one’s success. To me, to be successful (in any chosen field), there must be a burning desire for it, and the fear of the aftermath of not succeeding. If you have these two, you are successful already. Result and being productive is what matters; once you have this, any other thing is bullshit!

So according to the psalmist in Psalm 34:19(KJV)”Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivereth him out of them all”. Today, upon all what  we went through; just to bring quality prostate and men’s health to the black man; finally we have the Men’s formula on the market now  certified by the FDA with certificate no: FDA/HD1.18-11342.

I bring you some anecdotal evidence from genuine clients and not claims from me:

“After drinking the tea in 500ml water between 9:00am and 1:00pm. Today, the amount of urine I passed at about 2:00pm was unprecedented. I have not passed urine like that as a dialysis patient for a long time.”

Hear him again: “I suffered low pressure seriously before I started the Men’s Formula. My pressure was below 100/68 and it caused me a lot of problems. I was weak and always dizzy. In a sitting position I had to be careful when I stand up. I could easily fall when I stood up. But with Men’s’ formula its ok now. My average is 130/80.  I walk around at any speed I like now. At first I had to be careful. Sometimes I was helped. No one can tell that I’m on dialysis now.  My nurses are surprised. So I told them the secret. Now they want it for others. Thanks very much Doc. Obu” (You can contact  this patient on 0244327527)

Additionally, hear him now talk about vitality: “Great achievement! We have been having marriage activities now and it gives some staying power for you to last longer. I went two days running after a long time. The Tamsulosin and other medications I took for 4 years knocked my thing out. But now I beg don’t try me ohh, it is getting better and better. In six months all presidents and ministers will be begging you for some. Please give me more stock before it gets finished. I think I will double my dosage in the 500ml for more power!!”


Hear Dr. Chris Cole, Medical Doctor who is very knowledgeable in naturopathic medicine at the National Cancer centre, Niamey, Niger. He is now practicing integrative medicine and he is leading the clinical trial of the product in Niamey, Niger. He provided clinical trial update:

“Kidney stones have showed signs of dissolving after two days of using Men’s Formula for only two days. He is urinating normal. This is someone who’s had two surgical interventions” you can contact Dr. Chris via + 227-88833321/93690459/90814010.

Hear him again, “my mentor in medicine products are isolated botanical playing different anti-cancer roles. Yours is bunched up as a single multi-effects remedy. Now in blood group medicine we use incompatible lectins (the lectins that are not compatible to one’s blood group) to agglutinates prostate cancer cells. Even your neem in your formulation is super. Obibini black man and you know all this, you are too much young man”.

“We have a patient with BPH and hypertension. So we put Nyarkotey(your name is synonymous with hibiscus here in Niger) in the afternoon before meals but blood pressure is still at pre-trial level, men’s formula is for morning and evening, and for that we’re noticing improvement in QOL”

The interesting thing about this clinical trial funded by Dr. Chris himself in Niger is amazing: This is someone have never met before but showed interest in the product via online contact and supplied him 300 products via road transport to Niamey, Niger.

Case 2..  A 50 year renowned Politician in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria had a PSA of 12.8ng/ml. His biopsy proved benign. After using just one box of Men’s Formula combined with Nyarkotey Hibiscus Tea for 5 days, his PSA fell to 0.12ng/ml. hear him “ Interestingly enough, I didn’t tell you, I am asthmatic and my asthmatic symptoms has improved drastically “

Interesting, I met this political figure when I went to the world ethnomedical conference in Asaba, Delta State as the guest speaker to deliver a paper on prostate cancer and holistic medicine. After, he invited me to his house with those who invited me to Nigeria. The Nyarkotey Tea is made with concentrated hibiscus certified by the FDA with no: FDA/HD1. 18-11344. it is added to the Men’s Formula for those with prostate issues for better quality of life care.

Case 3. A renowned Political figure in Niamey, Niger also started Men’s Formula and Nyarkotey Tea combined. His sex life energized just one day! This is when Dr. Chris ordered for the products for the clinical trial. In fact, he now termed the product” Magic formula”

Hear Dr. Chris “He now has a slogan for Men’s Formula. When he says Men’s Formula, he himself replies: Bringing out the man in you”.

Case 4.. Another review from a woman who bought Men’s formula and Nyarkotey Tea for his husband diagnosed with organ confined prostate cancer in Ghana here. The husband had been on hormone treatment and lost his sex life for over 4 years now! Hear her:

“Doc Nyarkotey, Great. Feels good after drinking it. *It is back ohh*. He was passing advances this morning. We are privileged to know you & Dr. Chris Cole in Niger. My husband is out on a medical outreach this morning. Doc Nyarkotey, Woyebueiwae!”

Case 5.. A 70 year old native of Doryumu in the Greater Accra region had a catheter on for years now. After using one box of Men’s Formula, his catheter had been removed and now peeing freely.

Case 6..Roger in Accra: “Started using men’s formula for Four Days Now and Trust moi d Back Pains I experience due to prolonged sitting and lying down, sleeping in an uncomfortable position is No More……. And was Like Wow…..Great Work Doc….GOD Bless u ….GHANA Needs More of You”

I said before: These are anecdotal evidence from patients but not us making claims! The patient is the best describer of natural therapies.

Dr raphael

Dr. Nyarkotey with Prof. Emeka of the Covenant University, Nigeria and a representative from the Movember Foundation, USA.

What is Men’s Formula?

Almost every man will develop some sort of prostate health issue at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a rising PSA, fear of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, waking up at night to rush to the bathroom, incontinence, urgency, or some other symptom. And with more and more research showing the dangerous and ineffective nature of the more common prostate drugs, is it any wonder that more and more men are turning to prostate supplements as a healthy natural alternative to drugs or surgery?

But how do you choose which supplement is right for you? How do you know which nutrients are scientifically proven, effective and safe? Many men do not realize that prostate disease can cause kidney damage by forcing you to consistently strain to pee at the toilet. This additional pressure on your kidneys can cause serious damage. The long-term lack of sleep also impacts physical and mental health, as well as contributes to lethargy, stress and weight gain. Additionally, an enlarged prostate can also cause public embarrassment due to unexpected ‘dribbling’ and incontinence.

The most life-threatening side effect of prostate disease is your elevated prostate cancer risk. Numerous large-scale, double-blind & peer-reviewed studies, both in Europe and the USA, have linked BPH to an increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

When it comes to treating an enlarged prostate it seems men have three options: pharmaceutical drugs, invasive surgery or natural prostate supplements.  All three have potential pitfalls and risks. The concern with surgeries related to the studies showing their long-term effectiveness is limited. Many men see a resurgence of urinary issues after 2, 5 or 10 years. Additionally, 80% of men report significantly impaired sexual function. A smaller percentage report urinary pain for upwards of a decade after surgery.

With supplements, the number of different brands currently available can make it difficult to navigate the market. Also, because there is no real regulation or mandatory quality standards, there is a risk that you end up with a cheap, ineffective supplement full of fillers and low-quality ingredients. So how can you guarantee that you are getting a quality, effective supplements that’s actually shrinking your prostate? How do you know which prostate supplements really work? This is why I decided to research and formulate this product after almost a decade of research work.


 Uniqueness of Men’s Formula Manufactured in Ghana by RNG Medicine Research Lab:

  1. 100% Money Back Guarantee:


RNG Medicine research Lab provide 100percent money back guarantee to the consumers of our formula who are not satisfied! We are the only company providing 100 percent money back Guarantee! Any genuine company should be able to provide you 100 percent money back guarantee if the product does not work!


  1. Quality Control: Our products are manufactured in an FDA Audited facility and follow GMP Manufacturing standards.


  1. Testimonials and Scientific Profs:

We have genuine Testimonials from notable personalities in Ghana and other African Countries who are ready to talk to you. We examine the scientific data on our ingredients for the formulation with proof of effectiveness through clinical or scientific data. We used over (14) evidence-based ingredients in our formula. Most manufacturers uses one or two ingredients in Ghana and Africa; you can’t go to war with one soldier! We provide the scientific data by publishing them so our clients could read them. We review our formula every three years based on new scientific findings.


Men’s Formula:

Men’s Formula has Quintuple Action and a patent pending product for general wellbeing of Men. The product is a clinical grade, advanced, comprehensive phytomedicine product approved by the FDA for Men’s Prostate Health & immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions. Men’s formula is also designed to help guard against the most common consequences of unbalanced testosterone levels and promote successful aging, male vitality and detoxification.

Men’s Formula is also formulated for men who are looking to restore their prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels.Lab study conducted in Ghana on efficacy showed the product has high antioxidant activity and would be of significantly relevance to the prostate. Human clinical trials also conducted by Dr. Chris Cole, MD in Niamey, Niger and his team to assess it effectivity also confirmed quality of life  improvement(Head of clinical trial in Niamey, Niger- + 227-88833321/93690459/90814010).

The mechanism of action of the product is based on the over fourteen (14) plants.  Some of the extracts are: Hibiscus Sabdarrifa, Azadirachtaindica, caricapapaya,Graviola, stinging Nettle, Zanthoxyllumzanthoxyloides, small  willow herb, saw palmetto, pumpkinseeds,cyperusesculentus, AltsoniaBoonei, Africa black pepper, Allium Sativum, ZingiberOfficinale and many more blended together!

The special formulation of over fourteen (14) herbs, all synergistically balanced to support the male reproductive and urinary systems-particularly the prostate and kidneys, assisting the prostate in cellular regeneration for ultimate health and well-being. This formula potentially is formulated to shrink inflamed prostate tissue, increases blood circulation in the prostate and sexual organs, increases potency, and calm the nerves.

Dr Nyarkotey

Dr. Nyarkotey receiving the under40 Achievers Award in Ghana in 2018

What is Bioenergized Product?

ENERGY… we may not know what it is, but we know when we have it and especially when we don’t have it! As medicine begins to catch up with physics, a new era in healthcare is emerging where Bio-energetic Technology promotes the healing process by stimulating the healing ability of the body. Your body is designed to heal itself. Einstein demonstrated through his equation (E=MC2) that energy is matter, and matter is energy. Therefore, if we are energy, then our physical state should also be influenced by energy. Unfortunately, we live in a world that continuously interferes with this natural healing capacity, through the modern day stresses of biochemical toxins and electromagnetic pollution. The concept of energy medicine is that energy systems are the infrastructure of the body and energy is the medicine. When your energy is vibrant, so is your body!


Mechanism of Action of BioenergizedMen’s Formula

Men’s Formula has Quintuple Action. A clinical grade advanced, comprehensive phytomedicine product approved by the FDA for Men’s Prostate Health & immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions. Men’s formula is also designed to help guard against the most common consequences of unbalanced testosterone levels and promote successful aging, male vitality and detoxification. It is:






This product is different from all other products locally and globally. One way to determine the effects of the Good Energy Products is to notice how your body feels after using the products. Another way to evaluate the Good Energy Products is to ask your body how it feels about the products! Your body is talking are you listening?

Because of the combination of several ingredients, multiple mechanism of action can be responsible for the anticancer activity and other benefits. Most of the agents have shown in vitro activity, ranging from stimulation of natural killer-cell activity to growth inhibition of different cell lines. There are components that proved estrogenic activity or inhibit 5-alpha reductase. The extracts can induce apoptosis and can suppress cell growth by restricting cell cycle progression.

Also Men’s Formula combination is not an isolated botanicals playing different anti-cancer roles but bunched up as a single multi-effects remedy.

The active, 100 percent phytomedicineingredients combined together in Men’s Formula have been shown individually in research studies and clinical trials to:

  • Promote proper prostate size*
  • Support normal urinary flow and volume*
  • Encourage healthy libido and sexual response*
  • Support the natural response to DHT (dihydrotestosterone)reduction*
  • Assist the natural regulation of 5-alpha-reductase which affects normal prostate size and volume*
  • Support overall prostate and urinary health*
  • Restore prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels *
  • Help promote cellular and immune system health*

*For General Well-being of Men*

* Prostatitis*

* Inflamed Tissue*

*Night Sweats*

* Backache*



* Chronic Weakness*

*Pain in Rectum*

*General Pain*

*Improves erectile dysfunction*

*Bladder Health*

* Helps deal with the side effects of conventional prostate cancer treatment*

* Helps Men on Androgen Deprivation Therapy ADT*

* Men considering Watchful Waiting or Active Surveillance*


Many I’m sure are beginning to wonder why a single herbal formula claims to do all that! To answer this concern, *I would like you to know that the human body’s interaction with phytomedications is such that the body will absorb those components of the remedy in which it is deficient*. Those *components not needed by the body*, *in safe dosages*, *simply pass through the body without undue stress placed on any organ* as I did explained earlier with the principles of energy or energized Medicines.

Direction for Use:

Men’s Formula Tea is best made in a closed vessel—either a teapot or a cup with a small saucer placed on top to serve as a lid. When you brew it this way, you allow the beautiful aromatic qualities to recirculate back into the liquid.  If you brew it in a teapot or cup with a lid, the steam condenses back into the infusion. To experience the maximum energy healing benefit to be had, brew it for at least five minutes in boiling water. You can allow your tea to brew longer and get an even more potent energy healing activating herbal infusion.  When you take the tea, it brings through the energy and vibration of the energized plant.

For those with Prostate conditions, Men’s Formula should be combined with another product called Nyarkotey Tea; it is a blend of bioenergized Hibiscus and other herbs always. The Nyarkotey Tea should be always taken in the afternoon and Men’s Formula Morning and Evening. The Prostate Health and CAPLESS programme should be three month. Before starting the products; always checked your PSA level before and after.

For those considering using the product for general wellbeing should use the Men’s Formula only.  It improves your sex drive and energizes you to want for more!

Stay tuned for Next week as I bring you the scientific report on individual ingredients.

Men’s Formula was developed by Dr. Raphael NyarkoteyObu, RND, PhD (A.M), Postdoc (H,M), AYLFP, FCPNM, MCPNM, CaPTC, AACR, Mini-EMBA, MSc. His interest for prostate cancer in black Men and finding lasting solution started during his MSc prostate cancer care module organized by Sheffield Hallam University UK and Prostate Cancer UK. For product prostate and CAPLESS program enquires call + 0541090045 roaming line.

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