Men’s Formula Making Waves in Prostate and Sexual Health treatment.


Dr Raphael

Dr. Nyarkotey at the CNBC AABLA Awards in Sandton, South Africa

For the innovator of the Year recognition 2018

Renowned Ghanaian prostate Scientist Dr. Raphael NyarkoteyObu , whose work on prostate cancer and Natural Medicine is well known, despite the challenges he had faced, has finally made a huge breakthrough in Men’s Health.

According to the young 40under40 winner in 2018, his passion for prostate cancer research, started as an MSc Prostate Cancer Care student at Sheffield Hallam University, UK “it was in the MSc prostate cancer care program I realized that it is one of the major cancers which cause death and harm to the majority of black males, throughout the world.” But before that, he worked as Diagnostic Medical Sonographer in 2010 after graduating from Radford University College, performing prostate ultrasound until his former Boss laid him off. A patient who frequent his former work place further advised him to continue his studies in oncology because of his love for prostate cancer.

The Sheffield Hallam University, UK trained prostate expert further received a prophesy from Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor of the Holy Ghost Temple of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Adenta-Fafraha which changed his life completely. Today, the result of the prophesy is “what the world has seen now with the new development of the product”

Not only has Dr. Nyarkotey been doing prostate cancer research but has authored several scientific articles andthe lead author in the development of a book, ProstateHealth-What every man must know Before 40years– a resource for Ghanaian men and their families, which was sold out, used by OhenebaNtimBarimah on Oman FM to educate the public on prostate cancer and is being updated for a second publication.

Today, with his partners he founded the RNG Medicine Research Lab, after his postdoctoral training under Dr. George Georgia of Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca city, Cyprus where he was later appointed a research professor of prostate cancer and holistic Medicine. DrNyarkotey worked on the Hibiscus Plant and promised to develop a phytomedicine Men’s Formula, with the Hibiscus, neem, and pawpaw as the major ingredient in the formulation. This product was developed as promised and is now being sold as a phytomedicinefor the management of prostate, sexual health and immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions. Men’s formula also boasts the distinction of being the only such product in the world. He is the first person to have discovered that the Hibiscus has major antioxidant and fight prostate cancer in Men’s Health.

Raphael Nyarkotey

Dr. NyarkoteyObu presenting his scientific findings on Men’s Formula at University of Ilorin, Nigeria during the science of Global Prostate cancer Disparities Conference organized by the University of Florida, USA, 2018.

Men’s Formula

The product is the first Ghanaian product manufactured locally that do not only support the prostate health but the general well-being of men. Men’s Formula is a patent pending product, a clinical grade, advanced, comprehensive phytomedicine product certified by the FDA with certificate no: FDA/HD1.18-11342 for Men’s Prostate Health & immune booster for men with advanced prostate conditions. Men’s formula is also designed to help guard against the most common consequences of unbalanced testosterone levels, support men on ‘watchful waiting’ and promote successful aging, male vitality and detoxification.

Men’s Formula is also formulated for men who are looking to restore their prostate health as close as possible to youthful levels.  Some of the extracts are: Hibiscus Sabdarrifa, Azadirachtaindica, carica papaya,Graviola, stinging Nettle, Zanthoxyllumzanthoxyloides, small willow herb, saw palmetto, pumpkinseeds, cyperusesculentus, AltsoniaBoonei, Africa black pepper, Allium Sativum, ZingiberOfficinale and many more blended together!

The special formulation of over fourteen (14) herbs, all synergistically balanced to support the male reproductive and urinary systems-particularly the prostate and kidneys, assisting the prostate in cellular regeneration for ultimate health and well-being. This formula potentially is formulated to shrink inflamed prostate tissue, increases blood circulation in the prostate and sexual organs, increases potency, and calm the nerves.

Dr raphael

Dr. Nyarkotey with Prof. Emeka of the Covenant University, Nigeria and a representative from the Movember Foundation, USA.

Men’s Formula is the only product also in Ghana manufactured by RNG Medicine research Lab which provides 100% money back guarantee to the consumers who are not satisfied! The products are manufactured in an FDA Audited facility and follows Good Manufacturing standards with genuine testimonials and Scientific  data on ingredients for the formulation with proof of effectiveness through clinical or scientific data.

Dr Nyarkotey

Dr. Nyarkotey receiving the under40 Achievers Award in Ghana in 2018

Mechanism of Action of BioenergizedMen’s Formula


Explaining the mechanism of action, the CNBC AABLA innovator of the Year West Africa division 2018  said “ Because of the combination of several ingredients, multiple mechanism of action can be responsible for the anticancer activity and other benefits. Most of the agents have shown in vitro activity, ranging from stimulation of natural killer-cell activity to growth inhibition of different cell lines. There are components that proved estrogenic activity or inhibit 5-alpha reductase. The extracts can induce apoptosis and can suppress cell growth by restricting cell cycle progression.

Also Men’s Formula combination is not an isolated botanicals playing different anti-cancer roles but bunched up as a single multi-effects remedy.The active, 100% phytomedicineingredients combined together in Men’s Formula have been shown individually in research studies and clinical trials to also help men to deal with the side effect of conventional prostate cancer treatment if integrated and help improve the sex life of men on hormone treatment. Men’s Formula is formulated based on science and research and as a result of Dr. Nyarkotey’s research and practice in holistic medicine where he had conducted extensive research into naturopathic urology closed to a decade.

Dr. Nyarkotey is a CNBC Africa AABLA finalist Innovator of the Year West Africa 2018, Best Researcher in Prostate Care 2018 FN Business Awards. He was conferred the Nigerian Legendary Award by the Optimum Men’s Health Foundation, Ikorodu, Nigeria for his crusade against prostate cancer and several uncountable accolades at a youthful age!   Dr. Nyarkotey is a member of the Prostate Cancer Transatlantic Consortium (CaPTC) and Active Member of American Association of Cancer Research (AACR) . Other products also approved by the FDA developed by Dr. Nyarkotey are Women’s Formula for general wellness and Nyarkotey Concentrated Hibiscus Tea for Cardiovascular Health.

The fight for Men’s Health is a worldwide battle that some want to use to rake in billions at the expense of people dying. Dr. Nyarkotey’s work is from the heart, from a place where he has seen it all so finding a breakthrough was for him a labor of love. Let us raise little David high enough to challenge Golliath, challenge the System and challenge the status quo. The crusade for prostate health is not a luxury, it is a human need. No man should use this need to profit for their personal gains. Something is wrong when we let people die for money. I applaud Dr. Nyarkotey and hope through his work many will live to enjoy the gift of life.  The products are available in pharmacies or X-pert Pharmacy Tema community 18, or call 0541234556 those at Dodowa, Adenta, Madina environs

Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu

Dr. Nyarkotey at the Global Science of Prostate Cancer Disparities (SGCaPD)conference organized by the University of Florida, USA, hosted by University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria to present on his product.

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