Men stand the chance of getting Breast Cancer


– Dr. Wiafe Addai

Report By: Kenneth Nsiah Yeboah, Kumasi

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and founder of Peace and Love Hospital Kumasi, Dr. (Mrs) Beatrice Wiafe Addai, has revealed that the breast cancer disease, could also affect men as well.

She said, breast cancer is a cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. According to her, there are several sub types of breast cancer and about 80 percent of all breast cancer starts in the ducts of the breast and forms part of the reason why men could also develop breast cancer.

Findings have shown that the cause of the disease is still unknown and this had allowed doctors to create a lot of myths and misconceptions about the disease. Women who had been diagnosed are stigmatized and most women prefer to keep their diagnosis secret.

Even though, the cause of the disease in unknown, there are some risk factors that increase women’s risk of developing the disease. Women are the most at risk factor, and old-age women are the highest risk among them.

She added that a positive family history BRCAI or BRCA 2 genetic mutations, a [perusal history of breast cancer, race, black women develop cancer as a result of dense breast tissue. Women who are diagnosed with other breast conditions are long exposure to estrogen starting menstruation before age 12 and developing late menopause after age 55.

Dr. Wiafe Addai, noted that when one notice signs and symptoms of breast cancer, they should not wait for the disease to spread but to seek and early prompt screening and treatment.

She elaborated on primary screening methods women should adopt as Breast Self Examination (BSE) where women are supposed to screen her breast every month, adding if you are menstruating, you do your screening after your menses. Post-menopausal women should choose in day in the month screen (i.e first day of every month).

Since BSE helped women to identify unusual, fillings in their breast”, she said. The breast Surgeon gave the hint during an interview with the herald. Concerning the cancer of the breast men.

Cases of breast cancer had been predicted by health professionals to rise in the coming years, due to myths and socio-cultural beliefs associated with it, leading to late reporting at health facilities. Already, in Ghana it is the commonest female cancer, with the Victim being 40 to 50 years old.

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