Media urged to prepare Ghanaians for Violence Free General Elections.


By Bernard Quanson

The Media has been urged to prepare the minds and hearts of Ghanaians of Voting age in general and Political Parties in particular towards a violence free general elections which is to take place this year,  being a strategic year for the nation.

The African Director of the Living Faith Bible Seminary \ College, Bishop Dr. Peter Wilson made the call at the Ordination and Graduation Ceremony held by the Living Faith Bible College at the Victory Bible Church International, in Accra, over the Weekend.

The Theme for the Ceremony was ”The chosen vessel”. In all over 150 Apostles, Bishops, Prelates, holders of BA Degrees, Diplomats’, and one PHD Holder in Theology graduated at the colorful Ceremony which attracted many national, international, Religious, Traditional, and Political Leaders among many others.

Bishop Dr. Wilson, noted that if the Media and all other key stakeholders in the election process, work towards a peaceful poll. it would go a long way to bring a successful election that all the good people of our nation are yearning for.

Touching on corruption, Dr. Wilson made a point that Christians form over 70 percent of the population of Ghana, so they need to play a pivotal role in fighting against the canker which is one of the hindrances to progress in developing nations.

He stated that the behavior of Christians have to influence the fight against corruption everywhere they found themselves, as they are supposed to be the light and Salt of the World.

Bishop Wilson continued that, if the war on sanitation is to succeed in Ghana, Christians here again form a vast majority, and therefore have to play a key role to rid the country of fifth that is engulfing us from all corners.

Speaking to the leader of the Grandaunts, in an interview, by the Media, he noted that they were trained specifically, to change Ghana and the world at large.

They also stressed that, people who claim that Pastors need not attain education and that the field is for persons who have been called by God and therefore do not need education is false, because according to them,  it is in the Bible that Paul told Timothy that he should seek more knowledge in order to go on effectively with his ministry, although God had given him the gift and the calling to be a preacher of the gospel.

He also explained that more youth are gaining higher education, so as a Pastor of a church, if you do not acquire more education you would lag behind modern trends and knowledge.

Bishop Philip Boateng , who is the Founder and Leader of the Blessed Home Ministries International , in Accra , was one of the Bishops who was elevated to the level of a Prelate , a very high office in Christendom .

He was so grateful to the Living Faith Theological Seminary, [College] for the elevation and also noted that he is ready to use the word of God to fight corruption in the nation and beyond. He also called on all stakeholders who include the Media, the EC, Security Agencies, Political Parties, and the Presidential Candidates themselves and others to work towards a successful 2020 Elections that the whole World would be proud of.

Prelate Bishop Boateng noted that if Ghanaians are able to pass the test of holding clean elections this year, more blessings would be bestowed upon the nation.

Pictures…… The Rector and Africa Director of the Living Faith Theological Seminary \ College [ left], Bishop Dr. Peter Wilson and Bishop Philip Boateng, the Leader of Blessed Home Ministries Int.,Accra, seated[ right] in his newly Declared Prelate Regalia, and holding his shepherd staff to match.


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