Media Asked To Halt Re-Broadcasting Vulgar Utterances


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo-Kumamsi

As the political atmosphere towards this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections is getting to its peak, media houses have been admonished against the practice of re- broadcasting of vulgar utterances by some politicians, directed at persons from the opposing sides.

The re- broadcasting of such unguided pronouncements, if not stopped immediately, has the tendency to rekindle the anger of the persons whom those unsavory remarks were made against to spark upheaval.

The Ashanti regional treasurer of Assemblies of God, Rev. Dr. John Richard Nkrumah, who made these observations, said the airwaves must be sanitized to promote national cohesion, instead of discordant comments by some politicians, who could jeopardize the prevailing peace.

“ In my candid opinion the radio stations will do the nation good if they put a stop to re- broadcasting of inventive, vilification, unsubstantiated allegations and unwarranted attacks on personality by some foul mouthed politicians,” he advised.

He described the situation, where political activists in their discourse, put the important issues and opt for personal hatred as very dangerous to the country’s democracy.

Ghana, he noted has gone beyond what he termed as, “operation destroy him and let me win vote” with the reason that, insulting political opponents is not the solution for a candidate to garner the maximum votes to lead the country.

Rev. Dr. Nkrumah, who is also the senior pastor of the Bethel Assemblies of God Church at Ayigya in Kumasi, entreated the media not to allow themselves to be used by politicians to spew vulgarities in their deliberations

“ Issues like what steps the Electoral Commission(EC) is taking to prepare a credible voters’ register, awareness on whether the country will go to the polls on 7th November or 7th December, population explosion ,environmental degradation coupled with the annual flooding and long term national development plan should dominate political discussions to enable the electorate to make an informed choice but not continuous vituperations ,personal hatred, character assignation and tribalism,” he noted.

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