MEDI-MOSES Foundation Holds Free Prostate Screening To Mark Father’s Day


By Cecil Mensah

The Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), in collaboration with the Medi-Moses Prostate Foundation on Saturday June 14, 2014, organized a free screening exercise of prostate disorders for a cross section of male journalists and their family, from age of thirty and above.

Speaking at the ceremony at the Press Centre in Accra, Dr Degul Duogbatsey said, the enlargement of the prostate glands could be curtailed, whilst the prostate cancer can also not be cured.

He said, finding a cure for prostate enlargement has been a bother to physicians across world until recently when the Medi-Moses Health Centre found a herbal cure for the prevention of the prostate gland enlargement.

He said, prostate enlargement is a hereditary disease that is transferred from fathers to their sons.

He noted that sometimes life styles such as excessive alcohol intake and cigarette smoking can also trigger prostate gland enlargement.

He said there is a possibility patients can be cured without undergoing surgery for the enlargement but cancer of the prostate gland cannot be cured.

He appealed to all males particularly, those between the ages of thirty and above should endeavour to check their prostate every six months to
correct further enlargement of the prostate gland.

On his part, the Vice President of the GJA, Mathias Tibu called on the managers of the foundation to make the free screening exercise an annual affair in collaboration with the association to always mark father’s day.

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