Massive Fraud @ NPP Headquarters


…..Members Duped Over SMS Contract

A suspicious agreement has popped up at the Asylum Down Headquarters of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) with an overwhelming belief that some party faithful, who genuinely thought they were making financial contributions towards the sustenance of their party, have sadly been duped.

The problematic agreement, was reached between the NPP National Treasurer, Kwabena Abankwa-Yeboah, and a private company called Textgenesys Limited (TGL), to raise funds for the largest opposition political party.

Shockingly, the agreement is totally unknown to both the NPP National Chairman and the General Secretary, Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyei Agyapong, respectively.

The two powerful individuals in-charge of the Asylum Down office in Accra, The Herald is informed, have canceled the agreement upon its discovery. It was dated October 10, 2014, with the mobilization of the funds to commence on November 1, 2014.

It is not clear how much money was raised per the agreement and the whereabouts of the money or what it was spent on.

The document is titled: “SMS Agreement- SMS Agreement Between Textgenesys Limited and the Office of The Treasurer, New Patriotic Party”.

One Kwesi Ayim-Darke, is mentioned as having witnessed the agreement. But insiders tell The Herald he is not known to the NPP leadership. It was revealed that he is a friend to the NPP National Treasure, and even suspected to be a sympathizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Mr. Kwesi Ayim-Darke, by the agreement singlehandedly signed by the NPP National Treasure, was to serve as the Project Coordinator for the NPP, which was identified as a “client” of Textgenesys in the 8-page document.

The agreement specifically mentioned the “Office of the Treasurer” as signing the contract on behalf of NPP, and had agreed on “Revenue sharing shall be at 80%: 20% ratio in favour of NPP on the total Gross deduction of GH1.04 per transaction”.

It is believed that the decision by Mr. Abankwa-Yeboah to singlehandedly sign this all-important contract involving huge sums of money without the knowledge of Mr. Afoko and Agyapong, is part of the grand scheme by some party officials, including regional executive to continue to show the two top men, who have been accused of many things, including collecting a bribe from the NDC to destroy Nana Addo’s chances of becoming president.

In fact, Mr. Abankwa-Yeboah, judging from his recent utterances on radio, has become a god unto himself having brushes with both the National Chairman and General Secretary inside the party’s Asylum Down office.

In an interview with the Accra-based Okay FM, Mr. Abankwa-Yeboah, served notice he did not operate under the General Secretary as a Treasurer, insisting he is not answerable to him in any way.

He has for some time now, had exchanges with the executives, especially Mr. Agyapong in particular with respect to monies and properties belonging to the party and these have led to the national chairman, issuing a fiat denying Mr. Yeboah’s approvals to issue cheques to the party’s bankers.

The November 1, 2014 contract, which was renewable yearly, said the service provider; TGL, was to give out short codes through which NPP party members, sympathizers and supporters were to subscribe to make daily, weekly or monthly contributions or donations towards the client for party activities.

Other details of the agreement are that, if a contributor makes a donation of GH¢1, it shall be shared as follows, NPP 80 per cent representing 0.832, TGL 20 percent representing 0.208, MTN charges 0.04, WHT-withholding Tax 0.008, VAT 0.023, Communication Service Tax 0.007.

It continued that, “Both parties shall appoint one of its officers as the Project Coordinator who shall be responsible for the coordination of activities under the Contract including but not limited to issuing invoices (on the part of the Service Provider) and receiving and approving of invoices for payments, and for acceptance of the deliverables (on the part of the Client) Initials”.

The contract further said, “The client at the end of every month shall send to the service provider, the number of hits recorded on its backend for verification and the service provider, after verification, shall send a confirmation on the number of hits that can be invoiced to the client”.

It mentioned the Project Manager as Kwesi Ayim-Darke in Accra with email account as and Project Coordinator for the service provider as Getrude Tennison-Razak at Dzorwulu in Accra with email account given as Their telephone numbers were provided as 0244613090 and 0202004871, respectively.

One Charles Lamptey, the Executive Director, signed on behalf of the service provider, while Ms Getrude A T-Razak, signed as witness for TGL, while Mr. Abankwa-Yeboah signed for the NPP, with Mr. Kwesi Ayim-Darke, appending his signature to the document as witnessing for the NPP.

Under the confidentiality section, the document said, “the service provider undertakes on its own behalf and on behalf of its personnel during the terms of this contract and after its expiration, not to disclose to any person of Third Party direct initials or indirectly any information obtained directly or indirectly as a result of the performance of the contract, including but not limited to: any and all information concerning their activities, any data on the activities or business operations of either party without the prior written consent of the other. However, such disclosure can be made upon the Orders of a Court of competent jurisdiction or as required by law”.

Five months on, though the contract has been terminated by the two top executives, it is not known how much has accrued from the mobile money contributions, its whereabouts, which bank the money has been kept by Mr. Abankwa-Yeboah.

As it stands now, it is unclear if the National Executive Council (NEC) and the Steering Committee, have been made aware of the said problematic contract and what they intend to do with the National Treasure.

The NPP sometime last year, publicly announced that it was broke, having been out of power since 2008.

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