Massive Cronyism Sighted In Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital


By Cecil Mensah

The wanton dissipation of public funds and cronyism, is fast becoming the order of the day at the country’s premier teaching hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH).

The Herald can report that the Board and management of KBTH in December 2013, appointed a Board member, one Godwin Ahianyo, as Head of a three-man committee to audit various processes, including procurement at the hospital.

The Herald has sighted Mr. Ahianyo’s letter of appointment signed by the Board Chairman, Edward Annan, dated November 2012 which announced his salary, a monthly mobile phone credit, a monthly entertainment allowance of GH¢500, fully-fueled official car, duty post accommodation among other things, which senior staff members are entitled to.

The Director of Human Resource, Tahir Abdul Mahmoud, is said to have disapprove of Mr. Ahianyo’s appointment. Technically Mr. Ahianyo; a board member, has become an employee of the hospital just like the Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Rev. Albert Okpoti Botwe; who is also a board member, has been converted to head the hospital, is drawing GH¢12, 000 a month, amid protest from the Ministry of Health (MoH).

According to reports, Mr. Mahmoud complained about Mr. Ahianyo’s appointment and that of one Cynthia Boateng, a Special Assistant to the Acting CEO as a Deputy Director attached to the Establishment Warrant (EW).

The Board Chairman, Mr. Edward Annan, wrote a letter dated May 23, 2014 to the Director of Human Resource, announcing non-renewal of his appointment as Director of Human Resource.

The second paragraph of Mr. Edward Annan’s letter read, “The Board has decided not to renew your appointment for another term with effect from May 31, 2014”.

The Herald is informed that there was currently an effort to get a replacement for the sacked Director of the Human Resources, and claims are that Mr. Ahianyo, might even be appointed to take over from Mr. Mahmoud, whose dismissal drew huge protest from some senior staff.

What is interesting is that the position of CEO, has been vacant for some years now, however, the board has close it eyes to the fact that allowing Rev. Albert Okpoti Botwe to serve in that position albeit illegally, but the same board is quickly advertising the vacant position of the Director of Human Resource.

Employment into the KATH, has become so perverse that both the board and the management are employing people into the hospital at the same time.
Indeed, onlookers are wondering between the board and management, who has central authority when it comes to appointment.

The appointment of Mr. Ahianyo as Head of a three-man committee to audit processes, including procurement, has been shrouded in nepotism, on entitled him to receive GH¢60 a month to purchase credit for his mobile phone.

According to a document in the possession of The Herald, detailing how management paid for the monthly mobile phone credits for the committee chairman, who is still a member of the hospital Board.

Mr. Ahianyo, assumed office in December 2013 and heavily benefited from the monthly payments of sixty Cedis every month till November 2013, amounting to seven hundred and twenty Ghana Cedis for the ten months, he headed the committee.

The Herald further learnt that Mr. Ahianyo, enjoyed these largesse at the expense of the hospital, until an Internal Auditor was appointed only to point out the irregularities in the payments made to Mr. Ahianyo.

Interestingly, over five hundred Ghana Cedis was paid to Mr. Ahianyo as entertainment allowance from December 2012 to November 2013.

Mr. Ahianyo, appears not to have any job, apart from serving as a board member. He is even said to have an office in Korle-Bu from where he
operates daily.

It was also identified, how Mr. Ahianyo’s salaries kept changing. For instance, in December 2012 he was paid over 2,498.16 Ghana Cedis, January 2013 he was further paid 2,747.97 and from February to November 2013, he got paid 30,227.67.

On December 13, 2013, the Board Chairman, Edward Annan, penned a letter further announcing an extension of appointment with retrospective effect from December 1, 2013, meaning he will be at post as Head of a three-man committee to audit the books of the hospital till December 2014.

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