Massive Anger In NDC Grassroots In Volta


Ahead Of Regional Executives Election…

As Apathy Looms In 2020

Anger is brewing among the rank and file of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), in Volta Region, the stronghold of the party, over what they described as clandestine attempts by some party stalwarts to impose former Member of Parliament (MP) for North Dayi, George Loh,who is not known to the grassroots on them, as the new regional Secretary.

This development, which is raising eyebrows among party activists, if not handle well,is likely to breed apathy in the region, even worse than what was witnessed prior to the 2016 general election, leading to the embarrassing defeat of the NDC.

Indeed,claims are that some MPs within the Volta Caucus in Parliament and few party bigwigs in the region,are those behind this agenda, and are powerfully pushing for Mr Loh’s (who happened to be one of their own in parliament) candidature, against the will and desire of the grassroots.

Speaking in an interview with this paper, the party activists, some of whom are delegates from some constituencies said, Mr Loh’s competency is not in doubt and as such, they do not have issue with him.

However, he is simply not the type of “humble and affable grassroots” leader the region needs at the momentas regional secretary.

Some delegates are also fuming over some alleged phone calls they have been receiving from some faceless persons, telling them that “Accra or National Says” they should vote for George Loh. But they question; “how many jobs did ‘Accra or National’ created for our youth and how many developments have those in Accra/National brought to the region”?

According to them, taken into account the sort of ill-treatment the grassroots suffered and endured from some of their leaders in the past, it would be offensive to impose any non-grassroots person on them as new executives.

For them, despite Mr Loh’s communication prowess combined with his legal professionalism, they believed Mr Loh should have considered contesting for any national executive slots, rather than coming to region, where he is not well-known to the grassroots.

They insisted that, former North DayiMP and some other aspirants jostling for leadership positions,do not reside permanently in the region and, therefore, questioned how theywillbe able to dedicate time to work assiduously for the party,when elected?

Aside the issue of not staying in the region, Mr. Loh is also facinga criticism forhaving a bad human relationship problem and hardly respond to phone calls;a claim his critics say was one of the factors that caused his defeat as MP.

The unanimous chorus in the region is that, those at the top this time should not impose any executive on them. “For once, our big men should leave us alone. Their actions and inactions, as well as, greed, is what has landed the party in opposition today”, one constituency executive lamented.

They said, it is as though their stalwarts in the region have not learnt any lesson from the Professor Kwesi Botchwey-led Committee report.

Presently,Mr Loh is the only NDC MP from the Volta region who had served one-term under the Fourth Republic.

He is battling the position with three others namely, former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akatsi North, James Gunu, one Manfred Nuku-Dei and Simon Amegashie-Viglo, who is the incumbent regional secretary seeking for re-election for the third time.

In the case of Mr Amegashie-Viglo, the indications are that the ongoing ‘Tsunami’ hitting the old executives as witnessed in the branch and constituency elections, is likely to sweep him away, due to the neglect suffered by the grassroots during his tenure.

He is also being accused of not being proactive and hardly response to serious issues in the public domain – that affect the party and had allowed New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the region to always have a field day on top of issues.

Critics say, apart from his knowledge regarding the functions of the party in the region, his failure to relate with grassroots and establish good contacts with them, has cast a slur on his re-election bid,hence should be kicked-out for a new face.

Meanwhile, about 54 contestants are vying for various executive positions in the NDC in the Volta region.

Former Minister of Transport under the John Mahama administration, Dzifa Aku Attivor, who is seeking to become the party’s Chairperson in the region, is beaming with confidence the delegates would give her the nod.

The Regional Congress for the party is meanwhile, slated for September 1  , 2018.

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