Mass failure: GIJ students Devastated over chains of grade ‘E’


Some continuing students of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), were unhappy about poor grades recorded in their students portal.

The Students who are currently waiting for their 2017/18 first and second semesters results to be uploaded on their online portal were awarded grade ‘E’ for all courses.

This was noticed, following a communique from the students’ representative council (SRC) indicating that, results were available online for the students to check.

Although, the communique was for level 400 and Diploma 2 students, who are expected to graduate this Friday, other continuing students who checked their online portals, were shocked with unsatisfied chains of grade ‘E’.

Some of the students who were devastated by the situation after checking their results, expressed anger with comments and emojis on various social media platforms, including Whatsapp.

“Hmm…it’s 2018 and gij still can’t manage an online portal. What a pity.

But these mistakes shouldn’t be made

Especially since it has to do with our results.

The biggest joke in Gij… I just saw it both level 200 first and second semesters results

E throughout.

Since day one mistakes with our results saaa.

Na this people… What’s that, how  will we reflect our performances well. Last two semesters E is still there.

Aaaa  so GIJ kraaa y.

Let’s all go lodge complaints there( academics affair) na wei dier 3ny3.

But we have to do something about it, Those working on our grades are sleeping over Der . Seriously.

Why do I feel like GIJ is a waste of energy and time

They’re times I even feel that what we see on the notice board  has mistakes in them but how can we verify that🤦‍♀”, the students lament.

The affected Students revealed that unlike other universities where lecturers upload results online after marking, GIJ is otherwise, hence the continuation of the problem.

Pointing out some peculiar problems, it was noticed that all level 200 students going to level 300 come next academic year were awarded grade ‘E’ in Creative writing and English language usage during their 2016/17 academic year.

Checks at the School’s academic affairs, indicate that the above result was out of mistake after the two subjects were merged.

Although, promises were made to ratify the problem after students lodged complaints, it yielded no outcome as the result is the same raising fear among the students.

Meanwhile, some students who are scheduled to graduate this week Friday, August 3, 2018, have similar concerns, hence fullscap note was placed at the front of the School’s administration for the students to lodge complaints.

It’s unclear, whether the proposed graduation for this year, would come off as the number of students who thronged in on Monday, July 30 to file complaints were many.


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