Martin Amidu In Trouble!


…… Declared Wanted In Bawku.

Bawku, in the coming days will be a ‘hell on earth’ for the nation’s first Special Prosecutor [SP] over his recent unguided and untraditional comments he  allegedly made against some influential persons, including traditional rulers of the land.

Anger is rocket-hiking uncontrollably in the one time troubled corner of the Upper East Region over what angry teeth-bearing, punch ready youth say is a total disrespects and insult to their leaders by the man they chose to describe as ‘pre-mature ejaculator, frustrated and bitter politian, and self styled investigator’ whom they say, deserved to be called Mr. Right, due to his individualistic mindset that he must always be right.

Martin Alamisi Amidu, is accused by the itching-muscles youth to have insulted prominent personalities in Bawku , when he [Amidu] some months back, warned chiefs and pastors to quit pleading on behalf  of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bawku Central.

Mr Mahama Ayariga, is said to have imported a number of cars into the country without paying appropriate taxes, thus causing financial loss to the state.

In June 2018, EOCO issued a public notice to owners/drivers of vehicles with registration number GR 2220-18, GR 2221-18, GR 2222-18, all Land Cruisers, as well as  GR 2243-17, Toyota Camry and GT 4054 Nissan, to report to the anti-graft body on June 20 at 11 am.

It is, however, looking increasingly clear that the listed vehicles are the same as the subject-matter of tMr Amidu’s investigation.

“I asked EOCO on a number of occasions to warn the suspect to desist from his conduct of obstructing the investigation by soliciting others to put pressure on me to abate same to no avail….I accordingly, on 3rd August 2018, requested EOCO to investigate my complaint against the suspect for obstructing me, the Special Prosecutor, in the performance of the functions of my office as the Special Prosecutor,” Amidu said in a statement said.

Mr Amidu, advised so-called influential personalities, who are in the habit of interceding on behalf of the suspects, to desist from the act.

“I will not tolerate any interference or obstruction from anybody or organ of Government other than the courts of law in the performance of the independent functions of my office even if the culprit were my only brother,” he added.

He accused some close friends, including chiefs and pastors, of trying to suffocate criminal investigations into the alleged conduct of the Parliamentarian. The angry youth say this attitude of Amidu towards their leaders’ smacks of respect and thus are warning him to polish his conduct towards their leaders or be prepared to face their wrath.

“Bawku will be like a hell for Amidu, if he doesn’t stay away from his unguided comments towards our chiefs and opinion leaders. Let someone tell him that we are not going to allow him disgrace our chiefs and opinion leaders.”

It is rumored in Bawku that Martin Amidu has the political backing of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) to ‘jail’ Mahama Ayariga,  so as to enable them [NPP] snatch the seat. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Bawku appear to be in a state of turmoil over the fast spreading rumor.

The angry youth are fuming as they accused Martin Amidu of politically witch-hunting their kinsman. ”it is only Ayariga who has evaded tax in this country? So why this witch-hunting.

It is equally rumored in Bawku that Martin Amidu’s ambition of going to parliament after he and Mills defeat in the 2000 elections died a natural death after the NDC and some opinion leaders, allegedly picked Ayariga over he Amidu. This the youth is weighing Martin Amidu down. ‘He is bitter and is determining to jail Ayariga. But let him be warned that Bawku will be hell for him in the coming days.

Martin Amidu, is alleged to have fallen out with his kinsmen [Builsas] due to his poor human relations.

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