Marriage In The Same Organisation; How Do We View It As Ghanaians

A marriage poster went viral over the weekend, about two police officers tying the knot. This brings to mind the organizational culture, we have practice in this country over the period.

Most of our state institutions, are filled with family members. One organization, agency or an institution, can have a man and his wife, as well a child or two working in that outfit.

There are legitimate reasons why in other jurisdictions, as well as some multinational organizations in this country, do not allow colleague workers to marry.

In instances, where they insist, one of them must resign from the organization. Chiefly among the reasons is risk. Imagine for example, two bank staff decides to marry, the husband works at the back office, while the wife is with the front office.

If the wife sends a request, the husband is expected to approve and vice-versa. In a situation where they want to fleece the bank, they can easily do that. They will be compelled by circumstances of their marriage to cover for each, assuming one does something wrong.

We cannot effectively fight corruption, when a whole family is allowed to work in the same organization.

In France, two colleagues from the same organization should not date or have an affair, but if they have to, they are to make sure that, whoever you are dating has as much to lose as you do.

In the opinion of this newspaper, the marriage of the two police officers, should ignite a national debate, whether it is professionally appropriate for that to happen.

The comments on Social media, when the poster went viral, were one of disdain, with some people suggesting, they will give birth to Sakawa children.

In order to make a meaningful headway, in the fight against corruption, issues like this must be critically looked at.





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