Mark Woyongo Hit The Nail Right On The Head, His Acussers Must Bow Their Head In Shame


Let it be said loud and clear that history, will be harsh on our current crop of leaders from both political divide, especially the two formidable ones, for putting the nation through riotous events at the just held by-election in Talensi.

The Talensi by-election, was fascinating in so many ways, as both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), went to that election with violence on their mind.

I make no exception and I daresay, they should all bow their heads in shame. Our democracy is still a nascent one and we should not kid ourselves that we are there.

I am more than convinced now that our politicians, do not think about our welfare and survival, if they do, what is in the work or position of an MP that we must split heads over.

What caught my attention and got me thinking, was the comments purported to have been made by the Minister of Interior, Mark Woyongo, about the activities of the Azorka Boys and the Bolga Bulldogs, who made a living hell for visitors to the Upper East Region, to either take part or observe the by-election.

This is what the Minister is reported to have said, “Violence begets violence. Azoka boys will not act violent if they were not provoked. The other side also brought in some people…the Invincible Forces and then the Bolga Boys, so violence begets violence,”

I doff my heart for Mr Mark Wayongo, who unlike other politicians, decided not to bury his head in the sand, like an ostrich, he did not mince words, neither did he behave like a hypocrite, he said it as it is.

Back in Bishop Herman College, we used to say that, call a spade a spade, not a digging tool. The Minister identified the tool by it name and did not beat about the bush.

All the parties have been appointing accusing fingers at each other, none is ready and prepared to take responsibility for what happened, yet they all know what they did.

All those who are calling for the head of the Interior Minister, including some media houses, must first ask the politicians, what business has political parties, engaging the services of vigilante groups, that will be a more appropriate question to start the discussion, singling him out for speaking the truth, rather exposes all of us.

At every turn of our existence as a country, a government will be formed out of a political party, the party, which will constitute the government, is expected to provide security to every Ghanaian or foreigners living in the country.

Now if the politicians themselves, cannot trust our security agencies to provide security for them, at elections and events, such as rallies or demonstrations, then we the ordinary Ghanaians, are doomed.

It is difficult, therefore, to accept the ‘rubbing of salt on our injury’ by politicians, who after bussing their supporters to go and cause mayhem, will turn round and pretend as if, they were oblivious of what transpired there, through their actions.

The NPP, few days to the by-election organized a press conference, and accused the Police and the Electoral Commission (EC) of being in bed with the NDC, they claim NDC, was being favoured. This was to set the stage for what we witnessed on Tuesday.

After the election, instead of the political parties, taking time to reflect on what happened there, they are back to business as usual trading insults and accusations.

The Interior Minister, is my man of the moment, he has spoken the words of the silent majority, who wants to live in a safe and secure country.

We can all pretend that these groups do not exist, we can pretend that, we can contain them, but fact is, they are getting out of control.

What is worse is that, these supposed groups acting on the instructions of our so-called big men, do so with impunity, our security services are not able to control them, for fear of attack and victimization from the political class.

We deployed Police and Military personnel in Talensi, depriving some communities and towns security that day, only for political parties to unleash their goons on innocent citizens.

We should be talking about what future holds in stock for us, with these people parading our towns and cities protecting politicians, who the state is supposed to protect.

Police men are deployed to ensure law and order, we cannot allow that responsibility in the hands of some unscrupulous individuals, who are hiding behind politics and politicians.

Where in the world have we heard that political parties are recruiting young men as security for the party, it is not done in civilized societies, so why are we allowing it to fester here.

We must thank Mark Woyongo and buy into his suggestion or proposal, this way we are able to control their activities, we then know who and who are behind them, so that when someone misbehaves, we can go after the people.

They are too many hypocrites parading around as people who know too much, some people in the media, who sit in their studios and ask questions, oblivious of what is happening out there, think what they say, make sense. Talk as we say is cheap, but when the time comes for decisions to be made someone must make them, no matter how bitter it is.

My hero of the Talensi by-election was Mark Woyongo, he did not shy away from the truth, we can all insult him, curse him, but 2016 is just around the corner. What we witnessed in Talensi is a dress rehearsal of what is to happen in 2016. We better all bite the bullet now.

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