March 6; And CNN Documentary “Troubled Waters”

On March 6, 1957 Ghana weaned herself from colonial overlordship and gained for the people political independence from their erstwhile British imperial masters

Our first president and founder, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made among other declarations that, we have gained political independence, but the foundation for genuine and complete independence is, Economic Independence.

When the British Union Jack was lowered and Ghana’s Red Gold and Green flag was hoisted, the feeling of attainment among Ghanaians was exhilarating.

Many home grown solutions were introduced, which culminated in the industrial revolution pursued by Dr. Nkrumah.

Even the departing British colonialists had high hopes of Ghana becoming a strong democracy playing its assigned roles in the comity of nations.

The leaders, who midwifed the nation in that period that is chronologically referred to as First Republic, did their best to keep that hope alive.

And till date, generations of Ghanaians, who may not have met them, but merely read about them see that republic as the golden era in the nation’s march to statehood.

Our priorities changed after the 1966 Coup, that unfortunate development made Ghana, the shining star of Africa, failed to shine.

A CNN Freedom Project documentary titled, “Troubled Waters”, which is yet to be premier, highlight the lives of over 20,000 children working as child slaves on the Lake Volta.

20,000 children sold as child slaves must prick our conscience and must remind our leaders, as to what they priorities should be.

This is an upfront to the vast natural resources at our disposal. Ghana is blessed with everything that makes any nation great, yet every aspect of the economy is in a deplorable state.

Roads, in spite of multi-billion contracts, remain dead traps. Electricity, the energy that propels any economy is pitiably epileptic, the dreaded dumosr, which plagued the country into darkness for years, is rearing it head, except the managers of power, are not admitting.

Hospitals, where they exist, are mere consulting clinics, while schools are essentially dilapidated and in utter disrepair.

Worse is the level of unemployment among the youth. The international rating agencies continue to remind the nation that its position on the human development indices, are deplorable at best.

We are by no means implying that it has been 62 years of waste. Far from it. Ghana, within that period, has a lot to celebrate as a nation.

We wish Ghanaians both home and abroad, happy 62nd   Independence anniversary.





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