Manufacturers Milking Ghanaians Dry


No one needs to hear or read from the politicians to understand and appreciate the fact that the economy is going through one of its most difficult periods.

With the evidence so glaring, businesses have also taken advantage of the situation and are exploiting unsuspecting Ghanaians. Products that use to save consumers cost because it is so rich and thick that it can be used for a number of days, now takes a day with one person or two people sharing it, instead of a family of four or five.

Growing up, when one is going to the boarding school and you are fortunate to have your parent afford Milo, you are likely to use it for a month, or in some instances two months, because the Milo is block and very thick, you can even chew it and drink water and one can be okay.

These days the Milo that is produced and put on the market for sale is finer than sugar or sea sand. To prepare a cup of tea, one needs to
fetch about four or five tea spoons, before one can enjoy something resemblance of a good tea.

Milk, hitherto, also used to be very thick and a tea spoon is all one needs to enjoy a cup of Lipton, Milo or coffee, unfortunately, milk has also been watered down and pouring milk into a cup of tea is now like adding water to your prepared tea.

Is it a case of hard economic times or the producers of these and many manufacterurers are also taking advantage of what we already know about, yet the more these products are reduced by way of content and thickness, in some instances, the more the price goes up.

This is not what pertains in other part of the world, but when they come here, they do not replicate the same standards here.

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