MANTIS Startup to Disrupt Online Advertising Industry with Advanced Online Video Vetting AI Technology

Mantis-working-process.jpg, will launch its Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool for the first time, which will beavailable for advertisers duringthe #vivatechconference in Paris, May 2018, at startup booth: D17-001, Viva Technology Paris May 24-26, 2018.

Over the past year, SMOs released several official reports surrounding decisions by the largest global advertisers to withdraw ad campaigns from the top four online video publishers,due to failures in online video content vetting and lack of advertiser control over ad placement withinrelevant content.

Mantis is a video moderation system that usesstate-of-the-art AI techniques to identifyvideo content that is relevant for advertisers through a highlyefficient contentvetting system. The Mantis vetting systemdetects, classifies and categorizes relevant content based on specified brand attributes and characteristics, ensuring brand safety and efficientspending of online advertising budgets.

Feras Maddah the CEO says, “Advertisers will now have the option of applying pressure on publishers toonly place ads in videos that adhere to a brand’s specified ‘safe list.’This new tool will allow advertisers to conduct online videocampaignsmoreeffectively and efficiently, securing brand perception associated with selected content. Within the next 3 months, ongoing trials will conclude and results of the trials will be published with full reports on Mantis’ performance.”

Dr. (PhD)Bernard Ghanem,the Project Directorfor Mantissays, “Mantis presents an innovative tool for the online advertising world. The system uses sophisticated AI techniques developed in-house to translate brand-safe attributes (similar to those found in an advertising campaign brief) into visual cues that can be very quickly found and recognized in a video. Mantistechnology can be used by advertisers in two main ways: (1) toquickly earmark thousands of videos that follow brand specific attributesfor ad placement or (2) to assess whether videos with ads already placed in them are coherent with these brand attributes.

Maddah adds, “Mantis will significantly help reduce wastage in advertising spending causedby ad spillovers onto irrelevant or brand-unsafe content and, in turn, improve budget allocation”.

Dr. Ghanem outlines two major benefits of Mantis, “First, Mantis can determine if an activity or cue in a video can be considered brand-safe or unsafe, and consequently, alert the advertiser to whether or not an ad should be placed in that specific video.

Second, Mantis is equipped with an added-value feature where ads can be placed at specific time intervals in a video based on its relevance and favorability to the brand. For example,Mantis can enable advertisersto embedbanner ads for sportswear at the exact time a basketball dunk happens in a video across the publisher’s platform. Mantis does this by automatically detectingwhen that specific activity (basketball dunk) occurs in the video and earmarks it for ad placement.”

*Source: AETOSWire


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