Management Of ECG Must Call Their Workers To Order


Unless, the management of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) are the ones engineering the ongoing strike action, currently embarked upon by workers, they must be able to tell the workers to call off the strike.

Every negotiation, and discussion that has gotten us to where we are today, could not have been done without the involvement and the input of the top management of the company.

The government, did not arrive at this stage, without taken into consideration all the concerns raised by the workers.

Apart from the sentimental value of holding onto a moribund institution, which has over the years failed to be self-sustaining, the bit about workers losing their jobs, have been explained and assurance given by no less a person than the President.

Workers have every right to agitate and registered home their concerns, but that should be done, at the detriment of the poor consumer, who is already struggling to keep up with the tariff.

The same workers, who are so passionate about keeping the company, are the same workers, who presided over the decline in the fortunes of the company.

The government, did not take the decision to privatize the state power producer lightly, it was a necessity that has been staring at us for ages.

Government cannot always be bailing out a company that, has the capacity to be profitable and if inviting the private sector, is the way to save the company, why don’t the workers support, such a bold initiative.

Management are also not appointed to run the machines, but the human beings, who are the most important component, they must not feign ignorance, as though they are not in the know, as to what the workers are doing.

They must call them and explain government’s decision to them, to forestall any future agitations.

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