Man who threatened Atiku, family arrested – Police


By Samuel Ogundipe

A man who allegedly sent threat messages to members of the Atiku Abubakar family has been arrested, the police said Wednesday.

Augustus Akpan, a 43-year-old multi-lingual native of Akwa Ibom State, was arrested in Lagos after police tracked the phone he used in sending the messages.

The Abubakars had reportedly petitioned the police last week, saying they were horrified by the messages and alleging threats to their lives.

Mr Abubakar, a presidential aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party, was asked to drop out of the presidential race in one of the text messages sent to his family. The police, however, said the suspect confessed that the threat was only meant as a distraction, and not because his pestering conduct had political undertone.

Police spokesperson Jimoh Moshood said in a statement Wednesday night that Mr Akpan had owned up to defrauding many rich and affluent Nigerians in the course of his sinister plots, and he would be arraigned after investigation had been concluded.

A spokesperson for Mr Atiku said he could not immediately comment on the arrest. It was not immediately clear whether Mr Akpan had contacted a lawyer.



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