Mamangement Of ECG Must Come Clear On The New Billing System


The Public Utility and Regulatory Authourity (PURC), last week issued a statement ordering the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), to with immediate effect, suspend the billing of power consumers, using the new billing system.

Following this directive, the President through Cabinet, has also set up an Inter- agency taskforce to go into the problems, arising out of the new billing system that has since the beginning of the year, caused a lot of uproar among customers.

Information emanating from the staff of the ECG, points to a possible collusion by the management of the state power producer to rip –off customers with the problematic billing software that was acquired late last year.

Heads must roll if there is a possible conflict of interest and deliberate attempt to embezzle monies is found, because it is high time, we stop
patting people on the back for doing the wrong things.

Was value for money study done, before arriving at the decision to change the old software that has served its purpose over the period?

The ECG, even though have recorded a number of complaints during the period under review, kept quiet over it, as if everything was okay, it took the intervention of the PURC and government to push them over the wall to do what, they were supposed to do, since the increment in utilities in December 2015 took effects.

Some people are reading a possible sabotage by the staff of ECG and they are justified, because nothing makes sense, as far as the new billing was concern.

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