Malaria Vaccine Brouhaha; where is the FDA?

The controversy generated by an audio recording, which has gone viral from an obviously overzealous and ignorant lady, has called into question, whether the Food and Drugs Authourity (FDA) is living up to its responsibilities.

In the audio making the rounds, the lady claims that the new malaria vaccines, which are to be rolled out, were capable of making people impotent and was an agenda from the West to harm Africans especially Ghanaians.

At the time the FDA is needed to embark on national sensitization and intensify public education, the Authourity, was busy rebranding.

The conspiracy theorists, have always taken advantage of the ignorant in our society create fear and panic anytime something new is being introduced.

A recent case in point is the Ebola vaccine clinical trial in 2015, which was characterized by misconceptions and suspicion.

Part of the functions of the FDA state that, the Authourity should, “Approve the initiation and conduct of clinical trials in the country”.

This newspaper is of the considered opinion that, we have people in this country who are genuinely ignorant and naïve, the FDA and other relevant agencies must always cater for them.

In any clinical trial, budgetary allocations are made for education, as well as compensation for those, who will be volunteer for it.

The FDA, must always get ahead of issues such as the one which is causing fear and panic among the populace.

In this day and age, where all one needs is a smart phone and data and the person can spread anything he or she wishes and it spreads like wildfire, authorities must always anticipate these things and get in front of them.

Education is the key to solving these problems, sometimes even the educated by virtue of the fact that, they are not health workers, might not have the full facts.

Beyond the audio being a sad commentary on the facts, it is tragic that the FDA, is yet to take any action to put to an end to the rumor once and for all.




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