Malaria Prevention Foundation Uses Music To Raise Funds For CHP Centre


Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPF), a non-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) wIth membership drawn from Ghana and other countries would be organizing a formal classical music concert and reception on Saturday November 9, 2013 to raise funds to build a Community-based Health Planning Services (CHPS) centre that will help thousands of people who currently do not have access to healthcare and therefore suffer and sometimes die from easily treatable conditions such as malaria.

The event will take place at the College of Physician and Surgeons in Accra, the concert will feature leading classical performers including: Kokui Selormey (Ghanaian Opera Singer), Eva Lind (Austrian Operatic Soprano), Antonio Watts (American Baritone) and Robin Holloway (Pianist from the USA).

Last year’s concert successfully raised sufficient funds which went towards building a Community-based Health Planning Services (CHPS) called the Kobedi Clinic. The funds raised from this year’s concert will go towards building a clinic for Adenkrebi and its surrounding communities. Adenkrebi community in the Ga East Municipality located on the Akwapim Hills on the northern border between Greater Accra and the Eastern Region.

To serve neighboring communities: Ayim, Agyemanti, Seapue and Kponkpo, which had a combined population of 6,425 people without any access to healthcare.

The project intends to construct a Community-Based Health Planning Services (CHPS) facility to provide health care services, train Community Based Surveillance Volunteers (CBSV) and other community workers on home based-care for malaria, drug treatment as well as take the community through education on preventive measures of malaria and improve maternal health care services. A Community Health Officer (CHO), with midwifery skills would also be posted by the district health authority to live in the CHPS compound to assist in delivering healthcare to the people within the community.

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