Majid Michel Pens Words Of Advice To Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro


Top Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel has taken out time to pen down words of advice to celebrity couple, Gbenro Ajibade and his sweetheart, Osas Ighodaro.

The light skinned who is has been married for years, wants the couple to know certain important things about marriage.

“A wedding is an Event. But marriage is a Life. I know a couple whose wedding lasted longer than the marriage. Love in marriage is more than just a feeling or an emotion. It is a choice. Love is a decision you refresh everyday with regard to your spouse. When you wake up in the morning throughout the day till night, you are choosing continually to love that man or woman you married. Be open to corrections. Being open to corrections means making ourselves vulnerable and many people are not willing to do that. Be an exception. Ok Gbenro. You are the HEAD of the Family, but don’t make a mistake, Headship is not Rulership. It is LEADERSHIP. As head you are supposed to provide Spiritual Leadership and direction to the Family through your words, Lifestyle and Personal Behaviour. We are a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both great and small. Success not only in Marriage but in anything else, is not what we have achieved in comparison to what the next man has achieved. You are not Her Boss!! You are her Partner !! Work Together !! I Love you both and it’s my Prayer that you share the same VISION till death. GOD BLESS THE UNION. Amen,” he captioned the beautiful wedding photo of the Tinsel actors.

Meanwhile, the couple are still savoring their honeymoon, after they got married on Saturday, July 4, 2015 in New York.

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