Mahama’s Two Years Better Than Kufuor’s 8-Year Rule


–Fifi Kwetey Fires

Food and Agriculture Minister, Fifi Kwetey, has said Ghana has seen more development under the two-year-old Mahama-led administration, than it did under the eight-year rule of former President John Kufuor.

According to him, even though the government, had a difficult beginning as a result of the eight-month long election petition trial at the Supreme Court at the instance of Nana Akufo-Addo, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the President managed to achieve his development targets.

The Ketu South Member of Parliament (MP) said ,“I don’t believe that whole petition was with the view of turning any results, they knew there was no way that result was going to be changed. It was a first round demolition and they knew it.

“They did it deliberately with the view of hindering the progress of Ghana economically; create uncertainties and bring paralysis with the hope of disrupting the President.

“In spite of all that, you go to the various sectors of the country and effectively you can compare achievements to the eight years under their rule and yet be able to really stand tall,” the former deputy finance minister stated on Radio Gold’s Alhaji and Alhaji Saturday.

The Minister, asked Ghanaians to feel totally honored to have a leader like President John Mahama, because in spite of all the challenges, the president has proven to be the best among all presidents who have led the country and deserves applause from Ghanaians.

The minister said, “Ghana should feel privileged to have President Mahama as their leader. We need to underscore the fact that there has not been any president that has actually assumed office and to think that despite all these massive difficulties he has been able to chalk the successes that he’s been able to chalk.”

He was assessing the two year tenure of the president.

According to him traps set by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to thwart the President’s efforts by protesting the election results in court and deny his legitimacy as president, have all failed.

He said, even though the court case “created massive uncertainty both locally and internationally and made foreign investors hesitant, the president being who he is has been able to go with all these difficulties and achieved more in two years than the NPP has in all its eight years in power.

In his view, President Mahama is undoubtedly the best person to lead the country at a time like this, due to his level headedness.

However, Mr Kwetey said, the several challenges that have plagued the country cannot be underestimated but blamed the situation on the fall in the price of gold and cocoa earlier in 2014 which made it difficult for the Mahama-led administration to achieve its set economic targets.

He said it would be totally unfair for anyone to say that the President has done nothing to improve the lives of people in the country.

He acknowledged that even though there are challenges and the economy might not be performing as it should, the Mahama-led administration is not relenting in ensuring that the situation is improved.

He indicated that shocks such as the fall in the prices of gold and cocoa on the world market and the erratic supply of gas from Nigeria and the low levels of water in the Akosombo Dam, according to him are contributing factors to the current challenges.

But he said Ghanaians should be rest assured that government was doing all it can to ensure that the pressure is taken off the citizens and some relief provided.

He said the completion of the Atuabo Gas project despite all the challenges the Mahama-led administration faced is a sure sign that all is being done to ensure that some stability is brought into the power sector.

The commissioning of the Kpong water expansion project to allow communities who have for the past 20 years not seen the flow of water in their taps is just one of the many things the President and his administration is doing to improve the lives of people.

According to him, several projects are being made in the agricultural sector including the support of rice farmers to increase their production and reduce the amount of imports into the country.

He noted a poultry processing facility is being set up to support poultry farmers and stimulate the process of being able to produce enough to feed the country and for export.

The minister indicated that cassava production has also been largely improved and breweries have been encouraged to take up cassava starch in the production of beverages.

He said, Ghanaians should not listen to all that the opposition is saying and that over the next two years the president will do more and that “I can see real acceleration in 2015 towards 2016 and that should position the country in a good place.”

He also challenged people to adopt different mindset and attitude and take their destinies into their own hands.

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