Mahama’s Government Starving Its Own Media


We have been called names, unprintable names; at one time we were called the rented press, not credible, at another we were referred to as doing the hatchet job for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and by extension the Government.

Yet to whom much is given, much is expected, we have been treated like rats, only called upon to come and clean the dirt or mess created by officialdom or State Institutions.

Not that we are worried about the descriptions, as we are all entitle to our views and opinions. In even developed nations, every media organization has its agenda. Cable News Network (CNN), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Sky News, Aljazeera etc, all these major media houses, have their biases towards one political party or another, so we did not invent it.

For the records, we are not ashamed by our association; we are rather disappointed that despite the effort and energies we put in our work and in defense of our Government, we are always served cold.

The survival of every media house, especially the print is not the number of copies it print, but the number of adverts you can count in the paper.

Unfortunately, our papers are filled with words, instead of adverts that will keep us in business. It is painful and disheartening to pick a
paper that is not sympathetic to the Government, you flip through the paper and you turn the back and see that the paper is filled with advert,
yet the paper’s agenda is to run down the Government.

Why a political party or Government is daft and blind to their own enemies leaves much to be desired. If it is hunger, we are all hungry, if it is building formidable and credible media houses, we also deserve that.

It is without doubt that the Daily Guide is the number one private newspaper in Ghana, that feat was not achieved over night or through empty promises; it was a conscious effort by the administration of John Agyekum Kufuor that made it so. A lot of investment and advert were directed at the paper that was why today, it had the guts and the impudence to call the bluff of everybody, including the Ghana Journalist Association (GJA) and the National Media Commission (NMC), for daring to question their editorial discretion for using the picture of the late Paul Victor Obeng.

You had Ministers of State calling to say, what are you doing about what Daily Guide had published? The National Democratic Congress (NDC) had proven over time that it is not a party worth dying for. It does not reward loyalty.

The reason for the declining and dwindling popularity of the Government is because they have failed to use the media. A lot of things are happening across the country and yet Ghanaians are not aware, all we hear about is what Government has done well or has failed to do.

He who pays the piper, it is said calls the tune, for as long as they will pretend as if we do not exists nothing that they do, will be seen and appreciated by Ghanaians.

The United States of America (USA), is able to control the world and have us all swallow hook, line and sinker what their media houses serve us, because they respect the media, and have recognized that the media can be used to change people’s perception and control them.

What is happening here, especially with the Government of NDC is that they do not know the value and worth of the media that is sympathetic to them, they will rather dine with the enemy, who will turn around and stab them in the back.

We are not asking for too much, we are only saying that for us to continue functioning and defending the Government, adverts that is usually given to the Daily Guide must be channeled to us as well.

On Wednesday, I picked a copy of the Daily Guide, turned the back only to find the advert of Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC), headline sponsors of the Black Stars.

I am not mad that an advert had been given to Daily Guide, after all those working there and the owners are Ghanaians and they have families to feed, but my anger is that whenever they have a press release or press statement to issue, they remember our email address.

To the management of GNPC, we do not print free of charge, the staff are paid at the end of every month, we also have other obligations, your press statement and press releases are published because somebody pays for printing by way of advert.

The authourities, should sit aloof while this naked cheat goes, we will be relied upon to come to their defense, when the same newspaper they give the advert to start coming after them.

The Daily Guide will never defend any appointee of this Government, they are rather foraging for bad news to report and they have done that with all the accompanying mischief. They should gleefully keep deceiving themselves, they will enjoy the roller coaster, when they go to opposition or lose their job.

We will be waiting for them when they do find the need to come to us. The Daily Guide had the effrontery to call us names when we questioned their professionalism in publishing the lifeless picture of P.V Obeng, I did not blame them, because like the prophet, we are despise by our own people.

We have been sold cheap and so cheaply will we bought.

President John Dramani Mahama, who is a media man and has surrounded himself with people who have had a stint with the media, where thought they could be different, but our bubble, was busted when even the media fund established by the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, was used to buy laptops that we never got.

We cannot eat our cake and still have it, they should remember.

A word to the wise is not enough.

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