Mahama Sends Coded Message On Infighting To His Party



Ex-President John Dramani Mahama has sent a coded video message on infighting to his folks in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

In the video, two Deers were seen busily fighting each other unware that a lion was lurking in the background ready to pounce on them.

As the fight continued, the beast, drew closer and closer to them and eventually captured one of them for its meal.They had locked horns and couldn’t disentangle themselves early enough and flee upon noticing the presence of the beast.

Mr Mahama, who is the 2020 flagbearer of the NDC accompanied the footage with the inscription; “I watched this video and the lesson was so instructive. I thought I should share with my comrades.Lesson: Don’t get so obsessed with battling your internal opponents, that you forget that you all have a common external foe!

The NDC has been battling moles sponsored by the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) some of who recently secretly recorded National Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo at the party meeting at the NDC Headquarters at Adabraka – Accra.

He has since been charged by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service for prosecution with two other leading members with conspiracy to commit crime, to wit, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit crime, to wit, threat of harm.

It appears, Mr Mahama, was seeking to address these issues and foster internal cohesion in the video he posted on his Facebook page on Monday.

The Herald recently reported about how the NPP had badly infiltrated the opposition NDC, with nearly every information of the party, its plans and strategies towards victory 2020, made available to the Akufo-Addo government by spies.

The Herald learnt that, aside the NDC headquarters, where some national executives of the opposition party, had been sponsored by notable members of the NPP and elements in government some of whom are secretly recording party meetings for the government, the NDC Minority in Parliament, has also had its rank and file broken through sexual relationships some NDC female MPs, are having with their male counterparts in NPP Majority.

This paper is informed that, some of the NDC female MPs, have been induced with money, foreign trips, contracts, scholarships to study abroad among other mouthwatering packages.

Some of the female MPs names are available to The Herald, including the NPP MPs they have been hanging with and the hotels they frequent, and hardly attend sitting to debate and vote on issues, as they are either out of the country or just working according to the plans of the Majority.

Recently, at a top level meeting on the Ayawaso West Wuogo gun violence by the minority MPs in Parliament, a shocking incident occurred where a female MP, placed a phone call to a male NPP MP to listen to the discussion the Minority were having, especially on the induction of Lydia Seyram Alhassan as the MP for the Ayawaso West Wuogon Constituency after the by-election.

Before the Minority meeting ended, the Majority MPs, had a firsthand knowledge as to the plans to boycott Lydia Alhassan’s induction and had started confronting them with details of the strategy and imploring them to rescind the decision to the shock of those who attended the meeting.

Many of the older and matured female MPs, are worriedly sick about the extent of the infiltration and how their commitment is not yielding any effort as a result of the moles. The extent of the sex issue this paper learnt is so massive that the female NPP MPs use it to mock the NDC female MPs.

The male MPs on the Minority side, are also said to be worried about the development and constantly discussing the issue at their meetings. They contend that the issue is affecting their work in Parliament and will eventually make recapturing power from the NPP very difficult.

The issue is said to be posing a lot of headache to the leadership of the Minority and they have been compelled to mention it at some forum, but it is not clear what the NDC leadership intends doing about the issue.

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