Mahama May Have Been Sharing Leaflets, Not Cash – Chief Of Staff


Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah says a video showing President Mahama purportedly sharing money to traders at a market in Accra could have been doctored.

He said regular practice does not allow the president to carry money on him when he is out of the office, therefore it is impossible that he could hand out cash to anyone.

“That is something people have not taken notice of presidents don’t carry money around. I never knew until I got to the presidency,” he said.

Mr Debrah was commenting on a video footage in which President Mahama is seen standing in his open-top vehicle giving out what looked like cash to market women at Abossey Okai during his campaign tour there.

The video which has gone viral was obviously shot with a phone by someone who seemed to have been monitoring proceedings from the balcony of a storey building.

However, speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Mr Debrah said although he has not seen the video, he does not believe the president will do such a thing.

“I believe sincerely that knowing President Mahama, he wouldn’t deliberately go to a market place and start throwing money around. He is a very experienced person.

“Having worked with him closely I believe that under no circumstance will he be throwing money around,” he stressed.

Mr Debrah indicated that the fact that the video showed he was handing out something that looked paper like does not mean it was money.

“It is also possible that it could be a leaflet. Anytime the president walks he does not carry cash on him and that is the tradition from generation so I will be very very surprised if the president had cash on him.”

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