Mahama Is Still The Alternative To Mahama

Sometimes, I am lurched into serious thinking, just to discern the reasoning capacity of some of the individuals, who have filed to contest the flagbearership slot of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NDC, in 2016 suffered its worst electoral defeat since 1992, when we introduced the Fourth republican dispensation.

It has been said and rightly so that, apathy and lack of unity caused the party, which was riding on the crest of success and had laid the foundation for economic take-off.

President John Dramani Mahama, was the leader and flagbearer of the NDC, when it snatched victory in 2012 from the jaws of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The 2012 election, was a dicey one, as the NPP, were more than convinced, it was theirs for the taking.

That conviction was what informed the party to cry wolf, when they was none and proceeded to the Supreme Court to challenge the results of the polls and the legitimacy of President John Dramani Mahama, in what came to be known as the election petition.

For close to nine months, president Mahama, had to go to bed not knowing what his faith will be the next morning, he was incapacitated in a way, because he needs to think twice before taking any decision.

The NPP, led by its presidential candidate, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, did not give Mahama, the breathing space to govern. The presidency to the NPP, it is their birthright and so unless they are at the helm of affairs, no one has the right to govern.

Unlike the Greeks who believe that sovereignty lies with the people and they have to decide who governs them, the NPP, behave like the Romans, who think only those blessed by the gods, can govern.

One has to belong to the NPP to be touched by the gods; to them the choice of the people is wrong, for as long as the crown is not on their heads.

President Mahama was perhaps one of the unluckiest presidents to ever govern this country. From civil society, to academia, to chiefs and even celebrities were on his case.

Mahama is not a saint and has never claimed saintliness anywhere. He has his foibles and we know. But we cannot deny him accolades where he deserves.

Let us examine what he did in his period as president, despite the thorns put in his way.

President Mahama laid a strong foundation for industrial transformation of this country, mention can be made of the Terminal three (3) at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), which has been acknowledged as one of the best in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our neighbors, have been coming to Ghana, just to come and see the beauty that, we have built.

The global airline, Emirates Airlines operated a one-off flight to the KIA, Accra, on Tuesday October 2, as it joined local authorities in celebrating the opening of the airport’s new Terminal 3.
The airline’s flagship double-decker will become the first-ever scheduled A380 service to Ghana, with Emirates partnering with the airport to test its operations and infrastructure to accommodate an A380 service.

Apart from the Tema Motorway, The Akosombo Dam, built in the First republic, by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, our founder and first president, no project can be compared to Terminal 3.

200 Community Day Senior High Schools

Like every human endeavor, you do not always achieve what you set out to do, it is usually the intention that counts.

The former president Mahama, was a visionary leader, like Dr. Nkrumah, he was conscious of tomorrow. The future of this country mattered so much to him, than bread and butter, which history teaches us, never stood the test of time.

He embarked on an ambitious programme of building two hundred community Day SHSs, in all the ten regions of the country, scattered across districts and towns.

His vision was to put the Horse before the Cart, not as Emperor Akufo-Addo is doing.  Some were completed, whiles the rest were at various stages of completion, before he handed over power.

Today, students, who are lucky to study in those schools, will forever be grateful to the man of vision, who borrowed and used it to improve their lives.


Circle Interchange

Known as Circle Dubai, it is one of the most imposing structures we have in this country. It is a project that will stand the test of time.

Motorists, who ply that route, will attest to the traffic situation in that part of the country. The gridlock was just unbearable, a journey that ordinarily should take fifteen minutes take about an hour and two.

Only a visionary will see a problem and find solution to it. Those who hitherto shy away from the road because of traffic, can comfortably and conveniently use that road and get to their destination in no time.

Power generation and supply in Ghana has improved tremendously, thanks to the many power plants that were secured to permanently end dumosr.

The John Mahama Presidency has the record of either sacking or arraigning before court the highest number of his appointees, who were found to have engaged in acts of corruption.

Despite all these, his opponents may not admit publicly for the sake of pride and the dubious quest to replace him.

But is there any alternative to John Dramani Mahama, as far as the flagbearer of the NDC is concerned?

They know the truth, but hate to admit it.

Emphatically The only alternative to John Dramani Mahama is John Dramani Mahama.








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