Mahama Boy Fired

…As Crusaders Bite Nana Addo’s Boy

Upper East based youth group named, K-Crusaders, has jumped to the defense of the Tempane Assistant headmaster, following the latter’s transfer.

It will be recalled that, during the national executive elections campaign of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC, one of it then national organizer aspirant , Joshua Hamidu Akamba, made media headlines when he allegedly filmed students of the Tempane secondary School, crumbling on one another for space in a congested girls domitory.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) at the time quickly issued a release condemning Mr Akamba’s actions amidst varied reactions.

A committee was set up to investigate the matter after education authorities suspended the headmaster of the school.

The said committee, has been described as a remote controlled one as the Crusaders accused it of been timidly manipulated by the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Tempane, Mr Paul Abugri.

The Crusaders. say Mr Paul Abugri, politically masterminded the transfer of the Assistant headmaster of the school, Charles Issaka, as it accuses the committee of fulfilling the wish of the DCE.

Although, Mr Charles Issaka, told this portal that his transfer has been politically cooked, he is innocent of all the alleged findings of the committee.

The former Garu-Tempane Constituency chairman of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC),  added that he was pre-informed that, the DCE has asked the committee to recommend his transfer.

He, however , said he was not worried over his transfer, but the K-Crusaders in a release signed by Sadat Jambedu is  demanding that the DCE comes clear over his political involvement, as far as the transfer of the Assistant headmaster is concern.

They have described it as unfair, where unseen political hands are bent on manipulating the educational sector.

Below is the full statement by the crusaders.



Greetings from the Crusaders.

We as Crusaders are not happy with recent turn of events after the reinstatement of the Tempane SHS headmaster on the 18th December, 2018 after he was victimized by way of suspension.

Our celebrations as citizens and not spectators have however been short lived because information received from our highly credible source indicates that, the District Chief Executive of Tempane had previously said in the presence of the NPP constituency secretary that, they will make sure the assistant headmaster is transferred to Volta region because of his political affiliation and not what the committee report will bring.

He has also now confirmed our long held suspicion that, he the DCE is behind the unjust transfer of the current assistant headmaster.

There couldn’t have been any better proof of how factual and truthful the crusaders have been in fighting the injustice of this whole Temsec brouhaha than the recent show of power by the District Chief Executive. I challenge him to come out and deny the fact that he has no hand in this transfer.

  1. It will interest the Citizens of Ghana who are not just spectators to know that, the committee set up by Ghana Education Service to investigate the “hunger strike” by the students was reconstituted by the District Chief Executive of Tempane for cheap political gains which the outcome is Crystal clear for all to see now.

Replacing some of the Ghana Education Service selected committee members with known NPP party Members, one of whom is Dr David Ayaaba, the current Principal of Gbewa College of Education who the District Chief Executive has made chairman of the committee in place of Pastor Luke Abugri (former Principal of Gbewa College of Education) who was going to be made Chairman by Ghana Education Service. This issue of bias was already raised in our previous press release which the outcome has vindicated the crusaders.

We have in our possession both the Ghana Education Service Committee list and the District Chief Executive committee list and it will be made available to any media house who wants to confirm for accuracy.

  1. We suspect the District Chief Executive of Tempane is playing a key role in the unjust transfer of the Temsec assistant headmaster  following his own comments.

How can a committee be set up for investigation and yet people who gave their side of the story was not taken into consideration. We wish to state on authority per our investigation that, the committee did not do a clean job because they gave out a false report to the regional director of education and that warranted the unjust transfer in the form of demotion.

We want to humbly ask the Hon District Chief Executive and his pay masters,

why should education be compromised for political gains?.

Do we take it that, the current government is behind all the harassment of some teachers including this very transfer?

We are by this press release telling all Ghanaians that ,the transfer of the assistant headmaster for Tempane  is politically motivated due to the above evidences we have gathered and we suspect that the District Chief Executive and his masters’ plan on making things difficult for the assistant headmaster even though he did not act out of the ethics of the Ghana Education Service.

We are therefore calling on government and the District Chief Executive to allow the Ghana Education Service which is more respectable and credible than the Tempane District Chief Executive’s office (Take note that the Tempane District Chief Executive’s office is less than two year old) to carry out another investigation on a neutral ground than what we have now because the report is not acceptable since most members of the power drunk District Chief Executive committee are cronies of the ruling government.






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