Mahama & Amisah Arthur Strangulate Akufo-Addo


At NDC Rally In Ashaiman

Ex-president John Mahama and the man who served as his Vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur, set out last Saturday to separately rip life out of Nana Akufo-Addo and New Patriotic Party (NPP) government, portraying it as inexperienced, utopian, cold-hearted and lawless.

Whiles, ex-President Mahama, accused the Akufo-Addo-Bawamia government of suffering from a tragedy of unlived experience, ex-Vice President, Amissah Arthur, asked the governing NPP to fulfil all the “170 promises” it made to Ghanaians during the 2016 general elections.

The two, spoke at the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) 25th anniversary rally at Ashaiman in the Greater Accra Region. The mammoth rally on Saturday commemorated the 25th Anniversary.

The colourful ceremony, according to Joy FM, had most of the party bigwigs attending, including ex-president Rawlings, National Executives of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, Kofi Adams, Ebenezer Kofi Ofori Portuphy, ex-Minister of State and other government appointees.

The ex-president, John Mahama, did not fail to take another swipe at the NPP government over the issue of political vigilantism.

Ex-President Mahama, said whilst in opposition, the NPP caricatured his government and created the impression as if it –NPP – had answers to all the problems facing the country at the time.

He said, when he as president admitted that the economy was facing challenges, the NPP in opposition with its so-called economic wizard, claimed the economy was in crisis and that he had the magic wand to turn things around.

Now in government, the ex-president, said the NPP was facing the reality of leading a country an experience he said is markedly different from the talk shop in opposition.

Under Akufo-Addo, he said political party vigilante groups, now have the audacity to beat up appointees of the president and even go ahead to disrupt court processes.

According to him, under his administration, he allowed the trial of the Montie three (3) suspects to take its full course until the suspects were jailed for four months.

He said, it was only after the convicts had spent more than a month in prison that he exercised his powers as president to grant them amnesty.

Mocking the new administration, the ex-president said, the “no evidence” chorus being sang by the prosecutors in the Delta Force scandal is unfortunate.

With his own party under pressure with members firing salvos from different quarters, the ex-president called for unity of purpose in the NDC as it prepares for the 2020 elections.

The ex-president clarified that he did not blame the party for the defeat in the 2016 elections but said it is only when the party is strengthened will they win an election.

Former President Mahama, criticized the governing NPP for what he describes as frequent dismissals of public sector workers.

Mr. Mahama, believes President Akufo-Addo, is setting a bad precedent by dismissing this category of workers.

Former President Mahama claimed that, although he decided to keep the public sector workers at their various positions when he came to power, the NPP has dismissed all those workers, after taking over from them.

“When I came to power, I left most of these public sector workers, but when this [NPP] government took over, they dismissed them, and this is a bad precedent for our governance because potentially government can change in every four years so if another government takes over, it means all those working in the public sector have to be dismissed for a new crop of employees to take over and this is bad for governance.”

According to Citi FM, Mr. Amissah Arthur, also charged teeming NDC supporters to hold the NPP accountable to its promises.

“The NDC must continue to champion the agenda of the people of this country and this agenda is simple. We have to protect the interest of our people. We have to ensure that the NPP government meets all the promises that they made. I have been told that they have made 170 promises. They have to ensure that all those 170 promises are fulfilled so the people of Ghana can also benefit from the work that they came to do. “

While, emphasizing the need for the party to “move on” despite a painful defeat, the former Vice President also called for unity within the NDC, saying “the 2016 election is over and it is important for us to move on because the agenda of the Ghanaian people is important. We must unite our people so that we can work together combining all strengths and attributes of the people in the NDC so that we can work for the good of this country.”

The former Vice-President, also extended his appreciation to Ghanaians for their support, saying “I am here to pay homage and to say how grateful we are to the common people of this country”

“We are here also because we also want to celebrate another 25 years of progressive politics” he noted.

The rally will mark the end of the week-long activities to mark the party’s 25th anniversary.

As part of plans to industrialize and transform the Ghanaian economy, President Nana Akufo-Addo, who was then Flagbearer of the NPP, indicated his government’s plans to help establish a factory in each of the 216 districts across the country.

Nana Akufo-Addo, also promised to establish one dam in every village in the northern part of the country to boost agriculture through a well planed irrigation policy.

The NPP Flagbearer, also promised to create another region from the Western Region, should he emerge winner in the December polls among others. The party’s flagship programme, the free SHS policy, is set for implementation from September this year.

His promises were, however, met with questions of feasibility and criticism from the governing NDC with the party largely accusing him of pandering for votes.



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