Magazine On Challenges Facing Teenagers Launched


By Cecil Mensah

A magazine dubbed, the” Discovery Teen”, has been introduced to educate teenagers on the challenges of adolescence and issues affecting the youth.

Speaking at the press launch in Accra, the Managing Editor, Madam Mercy Adjabeng, said the magazine was about putting adolescent issues on the country’s developmental agenda.

She explained that adolescence was a critical transition between childhood and adulthood and is between the ages of ten and nineteen.

According to her, this is the critical stage for formation, self concept development and critical choices of career, relationship, as well as lifelong impact.
It is also the stage where the members of adolescent carve an identity for themselves whether good or bad, she said.

She said there are several risks facing adolescents, including domestic abuse and violence, but all these are under reported in the country.

“Adolescents face varied forms of abuse in varieties of locations namely, in the schools, homes, religious institutions; and frequently the abusers happen to be adults who happen to be family members”, she said.

She remarked certain cultural practices such as early and forced marriages also condone violence against adolescent, subsequently depriving them of a bright future.
She noted that most Ghanaians adolescents are particularly vulnerable to such violence as a result of their economic and emotional dependence.

According to her, the 2010 Population and Housing Census reports states that children, adolescents and youth in Ghana, constitute a huge proportion of the population and are exposed to a number of physical, social and reproductive health risks and challenges.

She said, the report estimates Ghana’s adolescent population about twenty three percent of the total population.

On her part, Madam Dzifa Gomashie, Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts, urged adolescents to desist from bleaching, since it does not augur well for Africans.

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