Madina Taps Flowing Waa Waa, Thanks President Mahama


On Saturday, in my characteristic weakness for water, I entered into the bathroom to take my bath, something told me to turn on the shower, instinctively I did and to my surprise the shower flowed, I felt like shouting “Nsuo Nu Abaa Ooh”.

I also for the first time in my young sojourn on earth felt my taxes working for me. I can only say thank you to my President, John Dramani Mahama, who for me has been the most unlucky President perhaps in the history of this country.

Because this is a man with all the good intentions of a true and patriotic citizen, he has the energy and the capacity to transform the fortunes of this great nation, yet like a mirage before him, anytime he solves a problem and thinks he is closer to the finish line, the rope is extended further.

I have stated in my write-ups that I have absolute faith in the ability of the President; I believe that any challenge that confronts him today is an opportunity for him to write his name in the Hall of Fame of greatest leaders of the world and he has been working day and night to do that.

All of us like to be praised, some get caught up in it that they forget they are human, what it does is to motivate us to aim high, give off our best and continue doing what we are doing that got us the praise. I want to praise the President, I am praising him because he deserves it, it is the motivator he needs to keep waking up every day and going the extra mile for his people, because he knows they will appreciate him.

I am not the one who sets his eyes so low that I get carried away with small achievements, I believe the business of government is delivering on the basics of life, i.e. water, electricity, roads etc. I also believe that it takes a great, thoughtful and caring leader to realize his responsibilities to his people.

It is so refreshing that whiles in the twenty first century, we have a President, who understands the needs of twenty first century. The dynamics are different today than they were twenty, thirty or fifty years ago. The needs of today vary significantly from the needs of yesterday.

Today’s generation, demand more from their leaders than the past generation, that is why I am happy that President John Dramani Mahama, is my President today.

You need someone with a strong personality to shoulder on, despite the vitriolic and vile propaganda coming from the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), who sees the Presidency as their birth right.

The President has demonstrated that strong character and has successfully shrugged off the entire attempt to pull him back and that he has not delivered on his electoral promises.

The responsibility of a presidency is not one to be left to trial and error, it is so enormous and demands of the occupant the highest standard of commitment and energy, and the President is just cut for the job.

I sometimes and often times wonder, how well oiled the government communications is, everything done in the dark stays in the dark, if you do not throw light on it nobody does. Developments abound in all the ten regions of the country, yet the opposition wants us to believe that the President is doing nothing, and they are succeeding in pushing that agenda.

Of course, you do not expect them to do the work of the government communicators. The NPP, have sworn and stayed true to their words and action that they will never see anything good in our President.

For them to win, means he has to fail, and even if he is succeeding, they will do everything possible to ensure that his good works, will not see the light of day.

I have no doubt in my mind that the monster in our homes, offices known as ‘Dumosr’ that is refusing to go away will end very soon. Not only will it end, it will end forever never to return. Perhaps the reason one we think it is pervasive now is because instead of adopting short-term measures as did our past leaders, the President is determined to banish it out of our lives once and for all.

Sometimes it is hard to comprehend that after fifty plus years of independence, we cannot provide electricity to our people, as of the time of writing this article, our light had gone off, but I am hopeful that the President is having sleepless nights, he has said so and it is telling on him, Just look at his hair and you will understand what am saying.

You might even want to compare him to some of his ministers, who instead of helping him to realize his vision for the country are rather living at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaian and undermining the efforts of the President.

Thank you Mr President, after years of bathing well water, which fades our cloth when we do articles, that today we are also beneficiaries of the Better Ghana Agenda.

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