Madina-Melcom Must Live Up To Their CSR Goals


Madina- Melcom shopping centre, like many companies scattered across the country, have not lived up to expectation, as they have abdicated their responsibilities to the government.

The road in front of Madina- Melcom, is in such a deplorable state that, one wonders what the owners of the shopping centre are doing to bring some reliefs to their customers.

It is obvious that, when the road was first constructed, consideration was not given to the present activities and the type of vehicles that ply it, so it is not surprising that the road is being eating away so fast.

Melcom, owes it to its customers, who come there to do business with them, to have a more safe and convenient road to drive to and from the centre.

The road is deteriorating at a fast rate anytime there is a downpour, the type of cars that come to offload goods for Melcom, are heavy duty trucks, which put a lot of pressure on the road, further contributing to the fast rate of depreciation.

Every company, put aside some money for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it is part of a process of giving back to the community, where a company operates.
This comes in a form of interventions, such as the provision of water, building of schools, refurbishment of schools, scholarship schemes, etc.

It will not be too much of a burden for Melcom to set aside some of their CSR money, to repair a road that contributes a lot to its profit.

Customer Service is taken for granted in this country, when companies take decisions, they do not factor in the needs of the customer, except what they will get out
of those customers for doing business with them.

How come no company cares about the road, its customers must travel to reach them; it is because their customers don’t matter to them.

Managers at Melcom -Madina, must do something about the road in front of their shopping mall, if not for the residents, who live close to the shop, or for their staff, but they must do it for their customers, who travel far and wide to come and shop there.

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