Madina Is For Sorogho, But Is Sorogho For Madina?


I have had many sleepless nights and nerve racking moments, trying to figure out what exactly the man I voted for in the 2012 elections to represent me in Parliament, has done for the Constituency.

A disclaimer could suffice here to serve as a guide to anybody or my Member of Parliament (MP), who could be reading this article.

I do not for a moment pretend not to know the work of an MP, if for nothing at all, I sincerely think whatever demands we the electorate make from them is self-inflicted, if only they could, themselves define properly their role and tell us, that they only enact laws and pass bills, we could pardon them and tone down on our demands.

But when they stubbornly and flagrantly come promising us heaven, we will demand from them heaven once they get elected.

I am never ashamed for voting for Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, who has unfortunately taken issues with my earlier article about him, threatening to sue me and went on a tangent typical of politicians, who hate the truth by accusing me of doing the bidding of his opponents.

He did not have the presence of mind to know that, I criticize him because I voted for him and because ultimately I want him to succeed.

The problem with African leaders is that, they hate criticism, even when it is coming from a genuine supporter and a well-wisher, but for as long as I voted for him, I will not relent in my effort to bring my concerns to his doorstep.

If he listens and act on it, together we will smile again after November 7, but if he does not, then it is his lose. I will have done right by conscious that, I did not sit unconcern, when I saw things going wrong.

I have on countless occasions and with the help of friends, asked myself what one single developmental project, I can attribute to my MP, I am yet to get any satisfactorily answer, but as they say, you have to raise your horizon, perhaps I am not looking beyond my nose.

This year’s elections, is one of the toughest test for the popularity and likeability of Alhaji Sorogho. The first test was the primary, which he nearly lost to a relatively unknown lawyer, Francis Xavier Sosu, who many believed slept on the opportunities available to him to have won the primary.

He was a political neophyte and surrounded himself with people, who were also like him, the primary was his to lose and he lost it, but not after he gave Alhaji Sorogho, a run for his money.

Madina, has over the years been a stronghold of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and so like any stronghold of the two leading political parties, has been taken for granted for far too long.

Alhaji Sorogho, has enjoyed some monopoly for some time now, because the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has not put up any credible candidate, since 2008. The signs this time are not nebulous and it is crystal clear for those, who wish to see that, 2016 is going to be his biggest test yet.

Madina, has always been for Sorogho, but has he been there for Madina, is a question, he must dig deep inside himself to answer. The answer, will help him to change his ways and start doing things right or as it is said, the word to the wise is enough.

Potholes are taking over most of the roads in the Constituency; I must hasten to add that, time without number attempts have been made to patch the roads, but no sooner will they finish, the holes will resurface.

Some major roads became unmotorable, the last time the rains came down, movements became very difficult for motorists, and it took whoever was responsible to try again to patch the roads, when the President was coming there, as part of his Greater Accra Region “Accounting to the People” Tour.

Another issue that concerns me is the Madina Station, although that falls under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), the MP, who has the interest of his constituents at heart, will push the MCE or lobby the government to make that lorry station a priority.

Anytime it rains, the station becomes something else, and to think that, nobody has priorities it, really hurts me.

There is no decent public toilet in that Constituency, so some squatters, have turned the public schools in the area as their places of convenience.

Madina, is not one of those constituencies, with so many problems, for which reason the MP, must have hard time meeting the myriad of needs. Ours is among those ones because of the location, will always enjoy government intervention in the area of roads, schools, hospitals etc.

The MP, only has one very important role to play in ensuring that, all these are made available to his constituents, and that is, he or she must lobby government.

Alhaji Sorogho, has fallen short of the glory of the people of Madina. The conversation in the Constituency, does not favour him. It is my wish that, he will listen to good counsel and caution and wake up before it is too late.

The signs on the wall are not favourable, the murmuring, gossips in the Constituency paint a gloomy picture for him. Should the unfortunate happen, he is not the only one who will suffer, but the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as well.

I hope, he will not see this article as an attempt to do him in, but rather one that, should serve as a wake-up call, before the inevitable happens.

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