Madina Folks Benefits From g-Concept Programme


By Gifty Arthur

A guidance and educational programme dubbed “The g-Concept” that seeks to educate and give guidance to individuals on the choices they make and to expose them to the consequences of the choices they make in life, has organized a seminar on “pregnancy and what you must know” for members of the Koona District of the Church of Pentecost in the Madina Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The g-Concept is a charity project which is into guidance programmes in the form of seminars, symposia, and fora. It aims at helping individuals make the right choices by exposing them to the consequences of the choices they make.

“The primary aim of the creator of the g-concept is to assist people make the right choices in life by exposing them to the consequences of the choices they make. g-concept will therefore tackle health related issues, educational, civic and social issues as a whole,” noted Gloria Dordunu, Founder of g-Concept Project.

According to her, it is her desire to see society develop by empowering individuals. The seminars sought to guide participants acquire knowledge in order to make the right choices before, during and after pregnancy. It involved both men and women of child-bearing ages.

“We can all imagine what the situation in this world would have been if our Supreme Maker does not put mechanisms in place to guide this universe, by causing the day to an end by night so that all can retire to their beds and have some rest after a hard day’s work.

He also causes the rain to fall in its season so as to cause the land to become soft for the farmers and also waters the crops on the farm; without these mechanisms to guide our steps, we can all imagine what life will be like, just think about it.

“Guidance is very important to every man kind. One cannot do without guidance. When we are not guided we make indelible mistakes or we find ourselves in situations that we could have prevented,” she maintained.

Ms. Dordunu added; “It is an agreeable fact that no man can solve all his challenges and in the same vein no man can escape challenges in life. This is because challenges are part and parcel of human existence.

So I ask the question, if we cannot avoid challenges, then what we can do in other to be well positioned for these challenges? I have therefore proposed a formula to aid in managing various challenges we might meet or find in our society, education and health through a guidance programme dubbed “The g-Concept”.

Touching on her concept of ‘Guidance’ she said “When a child starts to crawl, he is guided so as not to hurt himself. If our parents do not guide us well into crawling and walking, we may find ourselves in hot soups, hot water, fire and even drink deadly liquids such us Para zone and probably kerosene.

This does not mean that it is only the young, who must be guided, every individual at a point in their lives need guidance in whatever decision they might want to make. This explains why we as Christians continuously read the word of God so as to be guided to Heaven.”

According to her, the programme will help digest issues relating to its four segments (health, civic, education and social) in the form of seminars, symposia and forums. The name and its content is “g-Concept” eight years old. It is registered under the copyright Act 2010 with its traditional name “Gloria’s concept” which seeks to improve upon the parenting skills in our country initially through a talk-show.

The g-concept however is going to use seminars, symposia and fora to carry out its guidance programmes. The programme will visit schools, communities and churches so as to reach out to the masses.

Ms Dordunu indicated that health is paramount and very crucial to all individuals, and that people need to be healthy in order to serve God; to carry out their various activities; to fulfill their dreams and aspirations and before they can marry and procreate to fill the earth.

“Being healthy is golden, that is why we have the popular saying that ‘once there is life there is hope.’ This is not a suggestion that health is synonymous to life but being healthy also contributes to long life. We have the ability to prolong our lifespan or shorten it.

She mentioned that g-Concept would be rolling out health-related topics to be discussed in various programmes to help in building healthy lives so that the general public would have the capacity to contribute their quota in various ways towards the developmental process of the country.

Many individuals feel uneasy to voice out some of their health issues. Also, many individuals are unable to ask questions about their health situations or diagnosis when they visit the hospital.

Therefore, the health segment of the g-concept, will create that platform for interested individuals to ask, seek and understand their own health issues.

Throwing more light on why she chose the topic “pregnancy and what you must know”, Ms. Dordunu, emphasized that the church has both physical and spiritual needs, and that as Christians continuously pray and ask God to meet their spiritual needs, they also have to make conscious efforts physically to find solutions to the physical needs they lack as well, stressing that this is the way the church can grow holistically.

“I have decided to treat “Pregnancy and what you must know” as the first topic under the Health Segment. This topic has become necessary because a lot of women either lose their lives or babies during labour or in utero just because they lack the necessary knowledge they needed during pregnancy. The Millennium Development Goal 5 talks about reducing maternal mortality; if women are life givers, they should not die while giving life,” she opined.

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