Madam Gloria Akuffo Must Settle Down To Work

The chief legal advisor to the government, is the only person in this country, who is oblivious of what is happening around her.

First, it was the 2.25 billion dollars bond issued by the ministry of finance, next was the Philip Addisson committee, which investigated the Ameri deal and now the most despicable of all, the acquittal and discharge of eight Delta Force members, who spat on everything we hold dear in this country.

Madam Gloria Akuffo was not appointed to feign ignorance on matters of national importance, but to work to the satisfaction of Ghanaians.

A high profile and a sensitive case such as the Delta Force trial, should not have been lost on her and her office, especially the day the case was to be called.

The impunity with which the goons brazenly entered a court room to free 13 of their colleagues, who were standing trial for assaulting the Ashanti regional security coordinator, was unpardonable.

If the Attorney General’s office, were minded to send a strong signal to vigilante groups terrorizing innocent Ghanaians, this was a classic case to do that.

The lack of political will in dealing with the misbehavior of supporters of political parties is a danger that is going to eat all of us, if we don’t set examples.

Laws are made to be obeyed and any individual or group of individuals, who do not want to conform to rules and laws, are not fit for a sane society, but the jungle.

These thugs are unrepentant jokers, who are battling with law abiding citizens for the soul of the country and the Nana Addo government is giving them a pass to mock all that we stand for as a people.

In a democracy, every right comes with responsibility, if the young men are not behaving responsibly, there is a place for such characters and that is the prison.

They knew the court case was just a fluke and that nothing good was going to come out of it. We have only ended in emboldening them and setting them on a collision cause with the security apparatus.

Madam Gloria Akuffo, must begin to let her presence felt in matters of state. She is not paid by the tax payer, to be sleeping on the job.


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