Maame Tiwaa Today This, Tomorrow That, Why?


In normal times, it is the Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Chief Constable, who steals the show, but we are not living in normal times in Ghana.

The Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department [CID], COP Maame Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, is the most popular and talked about Police Officer in Ghana today.

She is the news for all the wrong reasons; I am still trying to understand the mindset and thought processes of a woman, who until the birth of the Akufo-Addo government, had distinquished herself well without any controversy.

What shall it profit her to know that, her career in the service is only there for as long as the New Patriotic Party is in power?

If democracy, should teach anyone anything, it is that, no one political party, will remain in power forever.

In Nigeria for more than 16 years, the People Democratic Party (PDP) was in power. They rigged elections, maimed their political opponents, dipped their hands in state coffers, shut every dissenting voice, until 2015, when the people stood up and said enough is enough.

At the age of 49, one will think that, Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah, will watch before she leaps. She has good years ahead of her and to want to throw it all under one regime, is something that gives me sleepless night.

The Inspector General of Police, David Asante Apeatu, who should have ordinarily been receiving fire, is rather enjoying his position, without any controversy.

The one aspiring for that position, is rather eroding public confidence in her and is on a collision course with the biggest opposition party in the country.

Let assume without admitting that, Maame Tiwaa is appointed the IGP to replace David Asante Apeautu, how does she think her stewardship will be like.

How does she expect the public to react to such an announcement, when all she has done, since she became the CID Director, was to go after members of the erstwhile administration.

The CID in every jurisdiction, is a serious arm of the police force, in Ghana, politicians over the years, have used them to persecute their opponents.

The situation, has assumed an alarming rate under the supervision of Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah. Now they do things shamelessly, without recourse to public opinion.

In other climes, the mention of CID, sends shivers down the spine of many, it evokes some kind of fear, in Ghana, it has been bastardised, and so it has lost its respect and reverence before the people.

In business, it is said that, you don’t throw good money after bad money. Maame Tiwaa, is using the resources of the CID to pursue cases that do not inure to the benefit of the people.

Since last year, some three young ladies, have gone missing, in fact the information available is that, they were kidnapped.

They were kidnapped in Takoradi in the Western region. The CID, a fortnight ago, at a press conference told Ghanaians that, they know the whereabouts of the three kidnapped girls.

Many tongues started wagging, as to the propriety of making such a public disclosure, the professionalism of the CID boss came into question, but the absurdity only continued unabated.

Instead of channeling her energy and resources of the Department into getting to the bottom of this serious issue, she instead turned her guns on the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.

Maame Tiwaa, is in a race with herself, as to the kind of legacy, she wants to leave behind. We have seen many officers occupy that position, but none has drawn so much attention and controversy unto themselves than Maame Tiwaa.

Mr Ampofo’s crime is that, he was caught on tape, making some wild comments of inciting violence, a language all politicians in this country are guilty of.

The man, has come out to deny that, the tape was doctored, but the same Maame Tiwaa, who herself is guilty of the crime, she is accusing someone of committing, won’t have none of it.

Maame Tiwaa, was caught on tape with A Plus, on which she was pleading with the young man to withdraw his allegations of corruption against the two deputy Chief of Staff, because the allegation, will dent the image of the government.

Maame Tiwaa, must remember that, power is fleeting, 2020 is just a year away, and only the almighty God, can tell who will win election 2020.

Maame Tiwaa, must tread cautiously, as the precedence she is setting, will in the near future, come back to haunt whoever occupies that position.

Her appointment as the Director of CID, came with great promise, as women are often seen as not having the courage to take tough decisions.

It is becoming a plus-ca-change for all those who are advocating for the appointment of women in position of authourity.

With due respect Madam, your utterance and approach is what gives oomph to violent crimes in the country.

Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central Member of Parliament, whose uncontrolled actions has led to the death of a young budding journalist, Ahmed Hussein Suale, is still walking free.

He did not receive half the harassment and ridicule that Chairman Ofosu Ampofo, is receiving.

Are we living in an animal kingdom, where some people are more equal than others, because their party is in power?

When will Maame Tiwaa, get tired of her name being on the lips of people, for her style of leadership.



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