Lydia Alhassan’s GHc5, 000 Cash Rejected by Gun Victim’s Family


Family of one of the victims of last week’s by-election brutalities, at Ayawaso West Wuogon, has rejected a cash donation of GH¢5, 000 by Lydia Seyram Alhassan, the newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the Constituency.


According to the family, it is rather concerned about seeking justice for their family member whose current condition it says is as a result of a situation she helped created and benefitted from.

“If indeed she has made any such donation as reported, we humbly urge her to call whoever she gave the money to return it. Our preoccupation is to seek justice for our innocent brother but not to accept donations from persons who orchestrated attacks on him” the family has said.

 The family also debunked reports that Madam Lydia Seyram Alhassa made the donation to the family and left her mobile number with IshauYaro’s family for further expenses.

There were reports that the victim was going to lose his right leg because according to doctors, that is the only option left for him to survive.

Already, the father of three has had two surgeries and is due to undergo another one in due course.

But speaking to The Herald, spokesperson for the family, Ibrahim Musa said thankfully, no such thing is going to befall the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Branch Youth Organizer.

The family in a statement yesterday condemned the action of the MP and rejected the said GH¢5, 000 which they later gathered was deposited to the Hospital, saying they will be worsening the suffering of their brother if they take it.

“This heinous and un-Islamic conduct was perpetuated with the sole aim of aiding Madam Lydia Alhassan to realize her dream of becoming a Member of Parliament. Our brother is in explicably pains, and we will aggravate his condition if we accept donation from the very person who benefitted from the pains unjustifiably inflicted on our brother.

Ibrahim Musa said even though Madam Lydia visited Ishau together with other government officials, she never donated money to the family nor left her phone number with them.

Shortly after her visit, the mother of five told the media “I regret it and I am happy that there is a committee in place to investigate it. I urge the Police to work hard and get to the bottom of this. They should work without fear or favour.

This is a simple democratic exercise we shouldn’t have gone to this extent. I am glad I made it, I have also deposited five thousand to take care of his bills, and I have left my number with the family members, to contact me if there are anymore expenses to be paid”.

But the family is incensed about the erroneous impression that was painted as the family say it made them look like they were cash strap and that but for the MP their brother’s debt wouldn’t have been settled.

Ibrahim said since the incident occurred last Thursday, members of the NDChave been the ones who have been footing the bills of their brother.

He mentioned names of several bigwigs as people who have visited and made cash donations for his upkeep. He said the family was stunned when they heard; the MP had donated money for their brother’s up and was broadcasting it in the media.

“And what we saw on social media was that she has gone to pay his medical bills meanwhile there are responsible people behind IshauYaro before she came, a lot has been done to Yaro Ishau and she is saying that she has left her number and all those things with the family members, which family members?

Which family member because there are people behind him, people are paying before she came in? The party is paying the bills you know the former president Rawlings has visited him, Minority Leader has been there, former President John Mahama has been there, a lot of people are there paying the bills and it’s no news.

It’s as if we are cash strap and you are coming to pay the bills for him and you let the whole world know, as if we owe the hospital and we can’t afford.It’s not fine!”

Ibrahim who sounded angry said it was unacceptable for the MP to create the impression that but for her support; they would not have been able to pay for their brother’s bills.

Speaking on Joy Midday news yesterday, Ibrahim said the MP’s donation was brought to their attention after she visited and they were asked to purchase some drugs and after buying them, an officer from the Hospital, informed them that, Madam Alhassan has deposited the said GH¢5, 000 with the facility.

“We haven’t received any money from the madam as she speaking that she has left her number with the family. As a family, she hasn’t spoken to any of the family. What we know is that she came there yesterday and greeted our brother and she left. After that we saw in the news she has deposited ghc5, 000, to whom?

Because yesterday around 4, we were given some prescription to buy so we went and bought the drugs and later one officer walked to us and told us that she has deposited ghc5, 000 for some of the medical bills”, he said.

He questioned why she would offer money to the victim and publicize it as though the family was cash strap. “People are paying the bills it’s not news, why is her own news?” he inquired.

Ibrahim Musa also denied rumour that, their brother was a member of Northern Regional based NDC vigilante group, Azorka Boys.

He dispelled rumour that the father of three was a member of Azorka Boys. Until the unfortunate incident which happened at the home of the Parliamentary Candidate of the NDC, the victim played football and lives at Fadam in the Okaikoi Central Constituency where he also serves as a branch Youth Organizer of the NDC. “IshauYaro, is not part of Azorka boys”, he emphasized.

Read the full statement below….

Our attention has been drawn to media reports suggesting that Madam Lydia Alhassan donated GHC5, 000 for the upkeep of victims of the January 31, 2019 shooting incident by government sponsored brigands at Ayawaso West Wuogon.

While it cannot be gainsaid that Madam Lydia Alhassan and some operatives of the New Patriotic Party indeed visited our son, Ishau Yaro, at the 37 military hospital, we are unware of any donation either from her, her assigns or any official of government either to Ishau himself, any member of our family with him at the hospital or assigns.

For the avoidance of doubt, we have crosschecked with all persons officially assigned to take care of our son at the hospital and, we can authoritatively say, without any scintilla of contradiction, that no donation came to us from the outfit of Madam Lydia Alhassan.

Indeed, if there was such donation for the upkeep of IshauYaro, it would have gone to the Okaikoi Central Treasurer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who has been the sole receiver of funds from National, regional and constituency executives of the NDC for upkeep of our brother.

Our brother, Ishau Yaro is on the verge of losing one of his legs as a result of deliberate firing of guns by hooded armed thugs of the NPP.

This heinous and un-Islamic conduct was perpetuated with the sole aim of aiding Madam Lydia Alhassan to realize her dream of becoming a Member of Parliament.

Our brother is in explicably pains, and we will aggravate his condition if we accept donation from the very person who benefitted from the pains unjustifiably inflicted on our brother.

We are indebted to the executives of the NDC for the special interest they have so far shown in IshauYaro’s case. They have so far paid the medical expenses of our brother and we are grateful for that. By way of emphasis, we have not received any donation from Madam Lydia Alhassan or the NPP, and we do not intend to accept any donation from her.
(Spokesperson for IshauYaro’s family)

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