Losing An Election Is Not A Tea Party Rolling Stone Phillip Addison Must Be Told


“O’ man, are you following what’s going on in this country?” the chickens they say, have finally come home to roost.

The lead lawyer for the three petitioners at the 2012 Election Petition filed at the Supreme Court, Philip Addison, has been giving a dose of what it means to lose an election.

He will now understand that, he was misled, when he took over the case, it is now clear to him that, the decision by Nana Addo dankwa Akufo-Addo, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, to petition the Supreme Court and have the court overturn the 2012 victory of John Dramani Mahama, was a smokescreen.

Losing an election is not a tea party, even some of us who are followers of various political parties and candidates cannot even bear the thought of our candidate or parties losing an election.

I always recount to friends, the pains I endured when in the university a friend I supported for the position of a Student Representative Council (SRC) lost. For more than a week I could not bear to stay on campus, it took the intervention and comforting words of friends to get me back to normalcy.

The arrogance and show of disrespect, Philip Addison displayed, when he appeared before the eminent Justices of the Supreme Court, was appalling and unbecoming of someone, who had the ambition to do politics.

Until his appearance at the Supreme Court, little was known of him politically and even in the limelight, except that, when questions were asked about him, when he first made his appearance, the answer was that, he was a good lawyer.

Trust me before then and even now, when a class one pupil is asked to mention ten names of lawyers, who are trailblazers in the legal fraternity, Philip Addison’s name won’t make the list.

He was so sure and convinced that the NDC in connivance with the Electoral Commission (EC), had rigged the 2012 presidential election.

He was not opened to any other possibility except the fact that, the election was rigged. What happened is that, Nana Addo, who had contested and lost to President, John Evans Atta Mills in 2008, after the latter’s demise could not fathom, why he should lose to President John Dramani Mahama, who took only three months to campaign.

The election of 2012 was his to lose and it is natural, the behavior he put up, refusing to accept defeat. It as, however, unacceptable on his part and that of his fellow party members, when they alleged and actually proceeded to the Supreme Court that the election was rigged.

Philip Addison after his abysmal performance at the Supreme Court, decided to ride on the weak shoulder to launch his parliamentary career.

He thought by representing Nana Addo and claiming to have his support, the delegates of the Osu Korle-Klottey Constituency, were going to vote for him.

All the machinations and the Communist inferior tactics that he employed did not help him, his main contender and the eventual winner, Nii Noi Nortey, thrown under the bus several times, but he managed to come up still strong.

Petitions, upon petitions were filed with the disciplinary committee of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), to have him disqualified. When that failed to achieve any meaningful results, he had some of his assigns to go to the Courts to place an injunction on the primary, the court did not uphold the relief and so the party had to go ahead with the election, which had been postponed twice.

Philip Addison, suffered a humiliating defeat, but he won’t have any of that. He won’t accept that he lost to a better candidate, who did not just appear at the Constituency, but has worked and stayed with the people, who can easily identify with them.

Philip Addison is a political neophyte; he chose to make himself relevant by becoming a rolling stone, opening his mouth and making all kind of allegations that he cannot substantiate. A lawyer of his standing must know that, he who alleges must prove.

You do not jump from a radio station to another spewing all manner of allegations about your party, he did not stop with the NPP, he roped in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), saying the NPP is no different from the NDC, in terms of election rigging.

I have a news flash for him, the NDC won the 2012 election fair and square, the same way he lost to Nii Noi Nortey. Whoever advised him to stake a claim to the Korle Klottey Seat, did him a disservice. He should have assessed his chances based on his contribution to the constituency and the
party, just appearing in court does not guarantee that you are a winnable candidate or will be liked by everybody.

Philip Addison is behaving like a baby who has lost his candy, he should accept the defeat in good faith.

When he was at the Supreme Court throwing his weight about, as if he owned everybody there, he should have realized that, there is life outside those walls, and some of the people have contested and won elections before.

When it was made known to him that, elections are won or lost at the polling station, he thought it was unthinkable and unacceptable. He is a bad student, who has already made up his mind and so no wisdom could persuade him to change his mind.

If he had learnt any lessons, he would have known that you do not wait to lose at the polling stations, before raising the red flag. The election is done and dusted, his attempt to petition the National Executive Committee through the General Secretary for whatever redress, won’t achieve any results.

I know it is the desperate act of a dying man, who will do anything to avoid the embarrassment that stirs him in the face. He wants an escape route, a reason to explain why he lost; he must cry foul and accuse everybody that, he was cheated. My surprise is why he did not add the Electoral Commission.

If he had sought my advice before embarking on this unnecessary and unavoidable venture, I would have told him to bid his time, until in the likelihood that Nana Addo, wins the 2016 election, he is sure to be appointed a Minister or giving a high profile job in Nana Addo’s administration and he could then use his position to influence the delegates of the party, as well initiate some development projects for the 2020 parliamentary primary. We have seen others do it and we are seeing some people doing it now, common sense and a little bit of patience, will have helped his course.

His actions have exposed him, as not having the thick skin and the experience needed to go to Parliament.

He needs reorientation, politics is about winning and losing, they is no middle line.

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