Lordina Foundation Gets Support From Chinese Gov’t


The Lordina Foundation, has received a cheque of an undisclosed amount from the Chinese government to acquire start-up tools to support artisans in the rural areas of the country.

The donation, comes after the First Lady, Lordina Mahama, who is the president of the foundation, made a request to the Chinese Ambassador, Madam Sun Bao Hong, during a meeting in Accra.

Supporting artisans is another area the Lordina Foundation, has been focusing on for some time now aside the medical supplies and equipment she presents to hospitals.

The Lordina Foundation’s new focus of assisting artisans across the country was partly as a result of show of enthusiasm by artisans to their work and also how most of them struggle to start and sustain their own businesses for lack of working capital and start-up kits to enhance their work.

With support from its sponsors and partners, the Lordina Foundation has presented assorted working tools to support the work of Tailors, Beauticians and Barbers Associations in number of regions and districts all over the country.

The items presented included sewing machines, embroidery machines, over-lock machines, hand dryers, hairdryers as well as sterilizers aimed at assisting the artisans to expand their businesses and improve their income earning capacity.

With the donation from the Chinese Ambassador, the Lordina Foundation will be able to procure more items to support more artisans across the country.

The First Lady’s Foundation, was recently honored with the Best Charitable Foundation in Africa award.

Mrs. Mahama’s recognition, came as a result of her persistent interest in humanitarian, health and social issues for many years.

A citation presented to the First Lady proclaimed “Her Excellency Lordina Mahama has been undoubtedly the most charismatic and influential First Lady in Africa sub region for the past years apparent in the significant supportive role she plays as a wife of the President of a republic where expectations and demands are too overwhelming to anyone who holds that office.

Her Excellency Lordina Mahama’s reactions to public issues and commentaries depicts her charismatic nature and the influence she has on the citizenry especially girl-child. Her Excellency Lordina Mahama’s advocate against child marriage, child labour, breast and cervical cancer, HIV prevention and adolescent sexual reproductive health has been phenomenal within these past years’’.

The First Lady’s nationwide medical supplies to health facilities in all ten regions of the country, her support and efforts to help prevent breast and cervical cancers and HIV in Ghana, her dedication and determination to provide shelter and vocational training for the inmates and residence of the Gambaga Witches Camp, coupled with her adoption of several orphanages across Ghana and constantly providing them with food, clothing and other essentials all contributed to her recognition and award.

Recognizing the need to assist people who are engaged in vocational training to expand their businesses and improve upon their income-earning capacity as providing skills and vocational training, to create opportunities for girls and women Mrs. Mahama added support to artisans to the modules of the Lordina Foundation of which she is the President.

Mrs. Lordina Mahama, earlier this year launched a campaign to end child marriage at the sidelines of the 7th Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights held in Accra.

Recently, the First lady, joined her colleague Ivorian First Lady to sign a joint declaration to fight against human trafficking and worst forms of child labour.

These are efforts geared towards making life comfortable for the citizenry especially women and children and it’s not surprising that the Lordina Foundation was honored the Best Charitable Foundation in Africa.

A citation presented to the foundation stated, “Lordina Foundation has proven itself to be the most passionate and vibrant foundation for the most vulnerable in Africa. Its quest of having compassion on the needy and aiding them in all aspect of life earned them this accolade’’.

The Lordina Foundation, since it was launched, has focused on its primary objective, which is to cater for destitute and vulnerable children and women so as to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the unfortunate, particularly in areas of education, healthcare and vocational training. With the help of its sponsors the foundation has done significantly and enormous donations to individuals and organizations across the country.

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