Local Gun Producers Must Be Roped In To End Arms Proliferation


Two security analysts, want government to deepen involvement of local gun manufacturers in efforts to end arms proliferation in the country,
Franklin Biney, Analyst with the Africa Centre for Conflict Resolution, Peace and Security, said public education must be intensified to expose the dangers that unregulated gun ownership and exchange pose to national security.

“We have to look at the local manufacturers. To them they are making their daily bread but it is the law that they are breaking,” said Mr Biney.

He said, because most of the local gun manufacturers are not regulated, they sometimes team up with armed robbers and supply them with dangerous weapons.

He was speaking Wednesday on PM Express on the Joy News channel on Multi TV.

The Interior Ministry on Tuesday announced a month amnesty to unlicensed gun owners, urging Ghanaians and foreign nationals to voluntarily turn in guns in their possession without proper documentation.

The move is part of efforts government hopes will help prevent possible violence ahead of general elections in December.

The initiative has been marked as a possible failure as critics say it lacks depth and comprehensiveness.

The Chair of the International Advisory Council at the International Action Network on Small Arms, Bafour Amoah, who also spoke on the show urged government to critically consider local manufacturers of guns in the effort control proliferation.

“The local manufactured guns have got two problems: they don’t respond to any international standards of gun manufacture. Secondly they don’t’use the right materials,” Mr Amoah told show host, Nana Ansah Kwao IV.

He revealed that almost 80 to 90 percent of all crime scenes have locally made guns, emphasizing the need for local gun manufacturers to be given critical attention.

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