Listen to us; truthful NDC is your only alternative – Minority to Ghanaians


The Minority in Parliament is appealing to Ghanaians to give the National Democratic Congress (NDC) an opportunity come 2020 as they are the only ones to redeem the country from the economic hardship the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has brought upon it.

Speaking at a press conference addressing the true state of the economy, Minority Spokesperson on Finance, Cassiel Ato Forson insinuated that the erstwhile Mahama government never lied to Ghanaians as they were made to believe by the New Patriotic Party.

According to him, NDC was always truthful to Ghanaians on matters of the economy, unlike the ruling government who used lies and propaganda to pave their way into power.

“I wish to say that the NDC was truthful; we did not lie, we did not engage in propaganda, we told Ghanaians the truth about the true state of the economy. We made you aware that some of the policies were temporal, we enacted laws with sunset clauses to remove them and obviously that was clear to show our commitment to those policies. Unfortunately, at the time you were not listening to us. Some of us were only interested in the propaganda and the lies coming from the then opposition so we fell for it. Most Ghanaians fell for it; unfortunately, the reality is staring at us. So at the minimum we were truthful and you’ll agree with me that we were truthful,” he said.

Ato Forson further attributed the depreciation of the cedi and the economic hardship Ghanaians are currently faced with to government’s gross mismanagement of the economy and the wrong policy choices made ever since they assumed office.

He stated that the sharp cedi depreciation has worsened the country’s economy resulting in the collapse of companies, loss of jobs and a decrease in investor confidence.

Questioning what the Akufo-Addo-led government has done ever since they took power with their lies and propaganda, Ato Forson said “I also want to find out from His Excellency the President, he’s been in office for two good years, what exactly has he done so far to change the structure of the economy contrary to his promise. To change the structure, one district one factory and all that, they’ve done nothing. And Planting for Food and Jobs is just propaganda”.

“Clearly this government has boxed themselves in a corner that they cannot come out and investor is not happy, I’m not happy, stakeholders of this country none of us are happy,” he added.

Ato Forson therefore called on Ghanaians to think twice and vote the NPP out of office come 2020 because the ruling party do not have what it takes to manage the economy.

According to Ato Forson, Ghanaians must kick the NPP because NDC is the only hope for the country’s economy.

“We are calling on the people of Ghana to listen to us carefully for we know the NDC is the alternative. At the minimum we will be truthful with you, very truthful with you and we’ll do what is right to save the country”, Ato Forson stated.



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