Letter To MPs; Your Silence On Kennedy Agyapong Is Deafening

Dear Honourable Members of Parliament,

In the last couple of years and most especially since the beginning of our nascent democracy in 1992, what has been pelted against the vast majority of Ghanaians, has been a degeneration of basic democratic values.

We have watched helplessly, praying and hoping that one day, we would wake up from our consciousness and confront those who wield power and yet are in the habit of insulting our collective will.

Little did we know that, members who go by the name honorable and are supposed to mirror the society, will be the ones leading the onslaught, as far as personalizing power and using it to suppress all of us into submission is concerned.

The August House, is all that every well structured society needs to further the course of every member of that society, the day we lose the fight, will be the day the whole country crumbles.

Kennedy Agyapong, is no stranger to insults, Members of the House, are not strangers to his unparliamentary behavior outside the House, yet for all these years, not a finger has been raised against him.

He embodies all the key indicators of aggravated mental meltdown – he has cast off all sense of restraint, he is actuated by an insatiable urge to embarrass himself in public, his utterances run like a surging stream of folly, and he finds delectation in the headshaking attention that his shameful stunts earn him!

So there is possibly no way to frame dishounrable Agyapong’s condition nicely. No way to make it sound tame and politically correct. It must be said as it is: simply and plainly – without a touch of varnish. And this is it: this rascal who insists on making sports of his nakedness, this pretender of a Member of Parliament for Assin Central; Kennedy Agypong, is sick in the head.

Kennedy Agyapong is not quite a new discovery. He has always been Kennedy Agyapong, the -man who opens his thrombosis and nothing good comes out of it.

He has not excelled as a legislator for all the years that he has been in the House. What one single meaningful contribution has he made on the floor of parliament?

If a roll call of outstanding Members of the House is made, Kennedy Agyapong, will be far from last. . He could only be justly credited with doing an excellent job of defining himself as a man who is in the habitat of throwing tantrums. He has made himself the poster boy of rascality.

Kennedy Agyapong, has become the hooligan of the hour. At the campaign launch of Patricia Apeagyei, about a fortnight ago, in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, he relaunched himself; he is now the gold standard for aberrant campaigning.

Not even the words of Maxwel Kofi Jumah, who described him as mad could make him sober. When he took the stage, he did not have the presence of mind and decency to tell all gathered there, what it is that the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will do when God forbid they win the November 7, polls.

He did not respect the audience enough to tell them what the lady he whose campaign launch he was attending, will do for her constituents.

He did not take advantage of the opportunity afforded him to tell the people gathered there and Ghanaians, what legislative proposals, he will be putting forward, when he is himself retained.

None of these appealed to him, he rather took a swipe at the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, accusing her of offering sexual favours for her current position.

Dear MPs, they are some things we can safely assume as child’s play, they are some we can say, are the ranting of a wayward child, but as someone who took that oath, to perform a certain function, a fuction that requires that, he upholds the Constitution of the country.

I am binded by every vote he takes in the House to enact a law, I expect anybody who decides how I sleep and when I sleep, if the House so wishes to be above reproach and above all, I expect him to respect me.

Dear MPs, unless we can all behave like Ostriches and pretend all is well with Kennedy Agyapong, I sincerely think the man needs help.

The word of a Member of Parliament is his currency and so before anything comes out of one, it must be one that inspires hope.

Kennedy Agyapong has a real problem. His temperament makes him a mass of obligate restlessness.

He cannot sit down and content himself with doing the job he ostensibly campaigned for. He cannot get himself to leap to the level of seriousness required of a Member of Parliament. He would rather fret over far-off apparitions than apply himself to solving concrete issues in his Constituency and the country.

How can one person make himself a subject of discussion for days and weeks unend amazes. A lot of people want to make the headlines for good reasons not Kennedy Agyapong.

The world is a global village now, everything written in Ghana, can be read anywhere in any part of the world. Even when you are dead and gone, your children and grandchildren will have to contend with all the decisions you took.

How does he wants to be remembered, as a politician who had a loud and foul mouth or one who did used his mouth to wipe out all the good he did.

It is true that, the law is an ass if not how is it that, before any member is arrested or picked up by the security services, approval should be sought from the Speaker of the House. It is assume that, even if the Member is sleeping, he is doing parliamentary work.

Is it not strange that, they can mount platforms, appear on radio or TV programmes and dirties themselves in the name of politics and nothing happens to them?

Dear MPs, just like you set up a Committee to investigate the Majority Leader, Hon. Alban Sumani Gbagbin, when he alleged that MPs were corrupt, do same for Kennedy Agyapong, even if it is for show, we will know that, what is good for the Goose, is equally good for the Gander.

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