Let’s Tread Cautiously Lest We Destroy The Few Good Men We Have

The recently released BBC Africa Eye’s undercover investigations dubbed ‘sex for grade’, has recalled penchant for people to go town accusing everyone they dislike for sexual harassment.

Penultimate week, fortune played a sad tune for two lecturers who were caught in the documentary, in an attempt to seduce their students, who were coming to them for help. Prof. Ransford Gyampo, and Dr. Paul Kwame Butakor, have since been interdicted pending investigation.

After the documentary, a lot of women have started talking and allegations of sexual harassment against some outstanding members of the society are flying around.

This newspaper is aware of the pervasive nature of sex for everything in this country, including job, grade, even internship etc.

We are only sounding a word of caution because In the first place, an accused person is presumed innocent until proved guilty before a court of law. An evidence- based legal process is followed to arrive at a judgement.

We also believe in the principle of fair hearing, and so those baying for the blood of people for one reason or another must remember that, he who seeks equity must come with clean hands.

As a people, we do not encourage and motivate but rather condemn and bring down.  We must weigh every allegation on its merit before going to town, lest we risk throwing the baby with the bathwater, as the saying goes.

Any lecturer, who uses his position for personal gain, including sex, must be ashamed of himself. Teachers act in the place of parents and if instead of protecting the students, they themselves become abusers, then the last defence is broken.

We hope that this will not become another matter that, we quickly sweep under the carpet and move on to the next one. People’s reputations are stake, as well as the students who are also seeking justice for being abused.

Both the accused and the victims deserve to be heard, the hasty conclusion that does not give the benefit of the doubt must cease forthwith.



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