Let’s Give EC, The Benefit Of The Doubt Over Logo


One very important feature that is missing on all of us, as the debate concerning the yet to be launched new logo of the electoral commission (EC), rages on, is the issue of security.

We all seem fixated about what we see with our eyes, and the debate has largely been about the fact that, the logo is not nice.

The Commission sees beyond the logo, they see beyond beauty, they see beyond plagiarism or a borrowed logo from another country, if only we can exercise a little bit of restraint and give them the opportunity to explain themselves.

We are all over ourselves trying to run down the very institution that holds the key to the survival of this country.

Granted that the new logo is not what we expected, can we at least see the sense in what the commission is trying to do.

The level of mistrust is too much, we condemn everything because our political party said so, and praise because our party says so.

A lot of the people involved in the discussion, do not understand the issues, they just talk because they have to.

We are becoming a nation of talkative, critics and praise singers these have become our daily bread and inform what we do from morning when we wake up, till we retire to bed at night.

Everything about the EC borders on security, it could happen that the logo, we have been using since the commission was created, has been

We either accept the new logo for the sake of the peace we are enjoying or make noise about it and plunge this country into chaos by maintaining the old logo.

In this era of technological advancement, hackers can hack into any system under the sun; people can print their own ballot papers with the old logo, without anybody noticing because they aren’t many security features on it.

Even money with all the security features, we have counterfeit ones still circulating, let alone a logo of the EC.

The commission will have a good reason for doing what they did, let us support them and demand for further and better particulars, only then when we are not satisfied, can we begin to make up stories, until then enough of the talking.

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