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Waste Management experts, Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, has re echoed the need for attitudinal change towards sanitation in Ghana.

Communications Manager of Zoomlion, Robert Coleman, explained that waste management was a shared responsibility and citizens must be willing to assume responsibility for their immediate surroundings.

He was addressing the media after the company joined the ministry of local government and rural development in Cape coast for the 9th edition of the National Sanitation Day exercise.

The national sanitation day exercise was instituted in November last year by the ministry of local government and rural development as a mechanism for attitudinal change towards sanitation in Ghana.

On the first Saturday of every month, the ministry with support from Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, embarks on a clean-up exercise and public education campaign.

A designated region, hosts the exercise and its residents are educated on proper waste management practices.

The 9th edition, which was held in Cape coast the central regional capital, saw the minister for local government and his deputy, as well as the regional minister engage members of the community in the exercise.

Zoomlion Ghana Ltd, which is noted for its contribution to the sanitation day campaign was also on hand to assist with logistics as well as personnel.

The exercise seems to have gained some popularity with time as more Ghanaians are willing to participate now more than before.

In an interaction with the press after the exercise, Communications Manager of Zoomlion Robert Coleman called for increased behavioral change to ensure the success of the campaign.

Mr. Coleman said, the exercise was to rescue the area from the rampaging cholera disease which had bedeviled the town in recent times.

Mr Coleman said, the scenes he witnessed, which was how filth could have piled up in a densely populated area with its accompanying health hazards was heartbreaking.

He highlighted the need for intensified public education as well as provision of logistics to ensure a sustainable waste management culture.

He urged community members to take responsibility of their immediate environments stressing that waste management is a shared responsibility.

Poor sanitation practices continue to militate against efforts at sustainable development and an all-inclusive approach to ridding the country of filth is essential for socioeconomic development.

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