Let Us Resist The Attempt To Bury The Killing Of Seven Men In Asawase

On July 17, some misguided police officers, caused disquiet in Asawase in Kumasi, when they shot and killed seven young men. The shooting occurred at Ayiribikrom near Manso Nkwanta in the Ashanti region.

Again on July 25, the former minister of Zongo and Inner City Development, Boniface Abubakar, speaking after some elderly from Madina paid a courtesy call on him, the Minister, who doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Madina Constituency, said the committee to investigate circumstances that led to the killing will be set up within a month.

“Within the shortest possible time, we should get everything done. It will not be more than one month,” the minister stated.

Is being more than one month now since the young men were murdered with such reckless abandon.

The minister, has failed to meet his promise of getting justice for the families in one month. The minister, who is noted for making promises, has failed to live up to his pronouncement.

There is a compelling need to re-awaken the value for human life in this country, because every life counts. Even armed robbers, must have their day in court.

Seven budding lives can’t be killed in that wanton manner and we treat it as one of those issues that engages our attention for a week or two and then we are back to business as usual.

Families have lost a loved one and a bread winner. Children have been rendered fatherless, they deserve to know the truth about why their fathers were shot and killed. The children should not grow up with the tag that, their fathers were armed robbers.

We at this newspaper, do not expect the new minister of Zongo and Inner City Development, Mustapha Hamid, to see this incident as business as usual. He should prove himself worthy of the appointment by ensuring that, the seven young men and their families get justice.

No human being deserves to die in that manner and to pretend to forget about them is very devastating to say the least.

The Committee of enquiry established to look into the shooting, should not work forever. They do not have the luxury of time, as families are still in pain about their loss, they need to put this behind them and move on with their lives.

We are always quick to form committees when something happens, knowing full well that, we do not use the reports.

The government is acting by the consent of the govern, it must not be seen not to care about what happens to any of us.




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