Let Us Bask In This Priceless Peace Of Ours


The Movement For Mahama (MFM), has closely observed with keen interest, events over the past eight months during which the leadership of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) filed a petition at the Supreme Court challenging the legitimacy of president, John Dramani Mahama after the 2012 presidential elections.

We note with pride that Ghanaians have largely exhibited peaceful tendencies during this trying period. The MFM salutes all who in diverse ways have contributed in maintaining the relative peace and tranquility we enjoy. We believe that, it is our true nature as Ghanaians that gave away the few miscreants who attempted to disturb the peace. It is our hope that we would continue to guide this precious gift of peace that the good Lord has bestowed unto us.

Our special gratitude goes to the Judges of the Supreme Court, under the affable leadership of Justice William Atuguba, who have steered affairs firmly, justly and fairly to the admiration of not only Ghanaians but the international community as well.

As we patiently await the verdict from the Lordships, we wish to re-echo the sentiments of His Excellency the President. Characteristically, President John Mahama recently reiterated his preparedness to accept the verdict and pledged his commitment to peace. This is heart-warming indeed.
MFM wishes to affirm that, Ghanaians appreciate the 100% consistency of the President’s commitment to peace and believe he can be trusted with the peace and security of the nation.

Through the initiatives of His Excellency the President, the youth of Ghana have been encouraged to reject hate speech, violence and confrontation. Taking inspiration from him, MFM has been on the ground mobilising young people to get involved in community activities and by so doing, feel a sense of belonging and social responsibility.

Indeed, since our inception, MFM has been actively promoting social harmony between different groups, communities and regions. We have always taken a cue from President John Mahama, who has remained stoic in his leadership and resisted the provocation and lure of making statements that could bring disunity. Just like his predecessor former President Mills, Ghana’s President has been an advocate of empowering communities to solve conflicts without violence.

It is our hope that Ghanaians would continue to hold in high esteem, the relative peace we enjoy and ensure that we continue to bask in it, especially after the verdict, regardless of the outcome. We call for nationwide prayers, fasting and support for the judiciary, religious leaders, law enforcement agencies, leadership of both NPP and NDC, and of course political commentators.
Above all, we call on all youth groups to join us in declaring Ghana For Peace!

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