Let Take A Second Look At Boycott Of South African Companies In Ghana


The pains inflicted on foreigners, particularly fellow Africans in South Africa, are barbaric and condemnable.

However, the calls by many Ghanaians to boycott South African goods and services, may not provide the needed and urgent solution to send a strong message to those savages that we are one people bounded by a common destiny, and as Julius Malema, leader of the opposition Economic Freedom Party (EFP), succinctly put it, we are only separated by the artificial borders created by the colonial masters.

There are uncountable Ghanaians working in organizations such as MTN, DSTV, and Shoprite, Woolworth, Game etc, who earn their livelihood in those companies.
We might want to give the boycott a thought, but we should remember how far we have come as a nation, with the entrance of some of these companies in our markets.

Hitherto, to own a Mobile Phone one must belong to certain a class, to get a chip one must apply in advance and pay a hefty fine, until Spacefon entered the market, the fruit of that unrivaled competition is what we are enjoying today.

When we decide to shun those companies, we must bear in mind that somebody is losing jobs or missing salaries in Ghana, it could be your brother, sister, mother, father, wife or husband. Those animals who took it upon themselves to exert their anger and frustrations on their fellow black Africans, will have won in the end.
What we should do as a people is to ensure that South African Government lives up to expectation, by protecting every citizens and foreigners in South Africa.

There must be adequate compensation to the families of those, who have lost their lives, including those who have equally lost all their life savings in South Africa.

It should not be difficult to identify them and as it was done in the case of the Gambia killings, African leaders, whose citizens have fallen victims to these barbaric and un-African behaviors must impress upon Jacob Zuma and the South African government, to not only condemn the act by showing some remorse or by paying compensation but offer proper apology.

We all know the history of South Africa, they do not know what the whole of Africa have had to pay for their emancipation from the claws of Apartheid. We stood together as one continent, until they had their much cherished and much fought for freedom.

President Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, must be held accountable for not providing Jobs, education and other social amenities that can make their people prosper. The
late Nelson Mandela gained for them freedom from apartheid rule, it was left for Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma, to create the opportunities necessary to end poverty that has plagued them all these years.

There is a need to understand that these young South African people, killing fellow Africans do not know their history. It is sad that the level of poverty in South Africa as a result of failure of leadership and corruption is responsible for these xenophobic actions.

When corruption increases, disrespect for leader increases, resulting in disaffection and anger. The corrupt leader is the one who sows the seeds of corruption, the dispersal for which promoted by deprivation, hunger and poverty in society.

A man who is continuously hungry is likely to accept bribe. A woman, who is abandoned to perpetual want, may go into prostitution. As a direct consequence of the obvious contradiction between the expectations of the citizenry and the political horizons of some leaders, is what we are witnessing today.
Sooner than later, they will rise up against the white, when they are done killing and chasing black Africans out of their country. The political elite must see this as a wakeup call to what might happen in the near future. Anarchy is setting in, what they have lost in years they want it from innocent ones, a sense of entitlement is what is creating this mess that is affecting everybody.

African societies are unable to respond to the under-girding principles of sustainable development. Relentless instability is the fruit of hopeless greed and corruption, the disturbing consequences of which we must all recognize.

Therefore, I can say, with a deep sense of responsibility that nothing misdirects the youth more powerfully than the pervasive influence of bad leaders at home, at
school, in the place of worship, at work and in society at large

The African youth lives in a hard “PRESENT” and faces a very doubtful “FUTURE” with regard to his personal access to peace, fundamental rights, freedom from poverty, happiness, good education and gainful employment.

Although, migration is a way of life in Africa, but we must ensure our government at home make life comfortable for people in order to discourage migration flow as a result of bad governance.

The task ahead of President John Dramani Mahama and any future president is to reduce corruption to the barest minimum, create opportunity for our people at home to enable them prosper and ensure that laws that are enacted to protect indigenous businesses are enforced.

We are not immune from what is happening in South Africa, not too long ago, the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), were up in arms with The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), as well as fellow Africans, especially Nigerians who were accused of engaging in retail trade which by our laws did not permit a non-Ghanaian or non-citizen to engage in the business of retail trading within the Ghanaian market.

I am not too sure the Task Force, set up by the then Minister of Trade and Industry, Haruna Iddrisu achieved much. It was not because the Task Force failed to identify foreigners engaging in retail trade, but because we are one people and any decision or action you take against them, the same will be taken on your citizens in other countries.

I do not think this is the time to be proposing a boycott of South African companies in Ghana. I received a lot of whatsapp messages on my phone, entreating me and others on various groups that I belong to boycott South African companies, but guess what my phone line is, MTN. how do I even receive the message when I stop using MTN.

Food for thought I guess.
Which network at all is owned by Ghanaian(s)?

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